D.I.Y Kylie-Inspired Denim Jacket!

Another day, another Kardashian-Jenner outfit to weep over. If you clocked King Kylie’s Insta pic of a silver-spangled, custom-made denim jacket recently, you weren’t the only ones who visualised it hanging proudly in their wardrobes.


Whilst we couldn’t wait for the real thing (shout out to Death By Dolls for the inspiration behind this rad jacket), we applied our mad DIY skills and set to work creating the ultimate staple piece we’re pretty much gonna be rockin’ 24/7 ’til the end of days.



Best news of all is, if we can do it, chances are you’re gonna nail it too.

All you need is:

An old, boyfriend fit denim jacket (we recommend scouring your local op shop, or take a look at our collection here)

Silver trimming – we found our at $20 p/m at Lindcraft

Fabric Glue – also from Lindcraft

A sharp knife

A cutting board



Sewing Machine



Step One

Place cutting board inside jacket, underneath where you would like the distressing.


Use a sharp knife and apply soft pressure in a back and forth motion, cutting away at the fabric, revealing the white denim thread.

To achieve the look inspired by Kylie’s jacket, we chose to distress a large portion of the middle back and small portions of the sides.


If you want added distressing in other areas we recommend using sandpaper to give it that extra rock-chick edge.

Once you’ve finished distressing the back, you can move on to other areas you may like – such as the shoulders, front pockets and lower arms. We chose to distress the arms a little, as we wanted the trim to be the main feature here!


Next up – trim time! This is where the fun begins. We measured the areas we wanted the trim to run along (around 3m per jacket), and applied glue to these areas one at a time.


Wait a minute until the glue is a little tacky, and then place the edge of the trim along the glued area like so…


Pro tip: If you’re using an advanced method (aka you’re a fashion design prodigy), feel free to replace glue with a sewing machine, ensuring you use a denim needle.

Once you’ve completed the trim application on the back, just leave the jacket to dry overnight to ensure the trim is fixed on tight, and no fashion faux pas occurs!

12 hours later, your jacket should be dry enough to move on to the front. We decided against going for trim along the pockets, but reckon it’s a lit idea for next time!

Et voila! Your Kylie-esque denim jacket is finished!





Wanna get your hands on this denim jacket?! Head to our Instagram page to find out how!

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