new year, 10 new style commandments

So last year, we, along with Kylie Jenner, REALISED a lot of stuff.


When making our New Years resolutions earlier this month, we took a long and hard look at ourselves.

We thought about what we needed, what we wanted, at the goals we wanted to achieve and the ways we could get there; and we somehow ended up with a ten point list of style resolutions. Go figure.

1. I shall dress weather-appropriately


We have all been guilty of dressing (cough) a little less than weather-appropriately before, right? This year, because we’re feeling a little older and a little wiser we’ve decided that if its cold outside we’re going to wear a coat! Beauty may be pain but honestly nothing looks sillier than a girl in a mid-drift in the middle of winter (except for these babes above).

2. I shall not leave the house without accessorising

Regardless of how we do it, this year, we will NOT leave the house without accessorising. Bonus points if we can look as cool as Rihanna when doing it.

2017 is the year of simplistic, minimal jewellery. Out with the chunky necklace and in with the fine chains and petite earrings. If you’re able to, try to only purchase products made from real material aka sterling silver or karat gold. This means they’ll never tarnish and last forever! One incredible $300 necklace is better than buying 10 $30 necklaces over the course of the next few years. Shop the Bahagia Malam Ear Cuff here.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 3.32.51 pm.png

3. I shall push my style limits (at least) once a week

Whether it be mixing up patterns with prints, wearing a dress that’s actually below the knee or adding a huge, yellow coat to your wardrobe, this year we are aiming to push our style limits at least once a week! This may mean actually pre-planning our outfits (what does pre-planning mean?) but we have a feeling it’s going to be worth it!

4. I shall try to incorporate bolder hues into my wardrobe

Whether it’s street style or formal wear, this year we’re injecting some bolder, brighter colours into our wardrobe! As if stalking the D&G Instagram all holidays didn’t have  us wanting to carry on the festive season into this new year, we have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more pinks and reds in 2017!

5. I shall upgrade my hardware and not feel guilty about it


That’s right. We’re going shopping, Blair Waldorf style. And we’re going to upgrade our old hand bags, totes, clutches, bucket bags and beach bags, because we can and because our others are old! Spending some serious cash on some quality hand bags that are going to see you into the distant future isn’t a crime, and we’re not going to feel guilty about it anymore!


6. I shall invest in timeless pieces


I will make investing in timeless pieces a priority in 2017! (FYI timeless pieces are items that you will wear year after year). Instead of constantly buying trend pieces, this year we are aiming to invest in pieces that will see us past a season or two. This also means investing in SEPARATES (yes, separates) to inflate our wardrobe a little and give us options to mix and match.

Our top picks for timeless pieces include a denim jacket, a good quality white shirt, a well made pair of sneakers and a sick pair of cropped denim jeans.

7. I shall edit my wardrobe regularly


Ever get so bored that you stalk yourself on social media and suddenly wonder who has been dressing you for the past 164 Instagram posts? Yup. Us too. So this year we will edit our wardrobes regularly so we can stay on top of what looks good, what still fits, and what was just an impulse purchase at a sample sale. It will also make room for all of the new goodies that we’re sure to overspend on this year!

8. I shall dress for style but also for comfort


This year is going to be different from previous years, wherein we will not wear dresses/ skirts/ pants that we need to unbutton when we eat, we will not wear pieces that involve us sucking in for six hours and we will not wear clothes that make us feel uncomfortable (AKA poorly fitting clothes)! Seeing a woman bust out of whatever she’s wearing has never been a pretty sight, so this year we will dress for style, but ALSO place a new emphasis on comfort.

9. I shall disregard conventional rules of fashion


Incase you haven’t seen Kanye West’s attempt at a fashion line and realised the rules of conventional fashion are dead, I will say it to you now. THE RULES OF CONVENTIONAL FASHION ARE DEAD.

This means that you can indeed wear print on print, match vintage with just about anything, mix blue and green and play around with as many textures as you like. So this year, we are disregarding the conventional rules of fashion and are taking on the role as our own fashion police.

10. I shall own every outfit that I wear


This year when we piece together that risky combo, add those ostentatious earrings or strut out of the house in mega high stilettos, we’re going to own it. If 2016 is any indication how quickly the fashion world is evolving, then 2017 is going to see some major wow moments (both good and bad), and we’re going to own them all!


Need some help sticking to your resolutions? Check out our 5 steps to sticking to it here

By Daniella Kelly

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