3 holidays: 3 outfits!

Summertime; pretty much our fave time of year, am I right girls? What’s better than road trips to the coast, endless sunbaking, unlimited cocktails, sunsets and skinny dipping? That’s right, nothing!

You’ve got your friends on board, decided on your holiday destination and booked accommodation – that’s the hardest part sorted! The only problem next is, you don’t know what to pack.

Say no more because we, as seasonal travellers, have perfected the art of packing!

A weekend in Byron Bay

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.22.47 pm.png

Realistically there’s not much you need for a weekend trip to Byron. You’re surrounded by well-photographed coastlines, green open spaces and a plethora of shabby-chic eateries and bars. Aside from munching on falafels, dancing at Cheeky’s and having a few sunset bevvies at Beachies, all you’ll really be doing is laying on the beach, frolicking in the surf and taking turns doing the juice run (hydration is important!).

To be fully equipped to handle this kind of level of sun, surf and chill, you’re going to need a few things.

An awesome round beach towel. Our favourites right now are the Montauk print and the Dreamtime print by The Beach People. Their towels are big enough to fit you and all of your necessities on them!


We can’t go anywhere without our fave trend right now: The wrap dress. The Sacred Wrap Dress is the perfect accompaniment to your beachside bliss, and will take you from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Perfect for throwing over your kini, this cute pattern is definitely flower power enough for your Byron getaway!


A night-time getup. Our Sleepwalker Dress in black paired with an Up to No Good tee in white will take you from your gig at The Great Northern to dinner and dancing! The perfect low-key outfit for your getaway, you’ll look effortlessly chic with minimal effort!

A trip to Bondi


We’re all aware of the reputation surrounding the suburb of Bondi and it’s occupants. So if you’re planning a trip to Sydney’s Eastern suburb, you’d best be prepared to pack the following…

A killer yet laid back active wear ensemble that you can stress over whether is appropriate enough to wear while visiting the markets on a Saturday morning. Our Found Basics Front Runner shorts and Sideline Crop in black will do just the trick! Pair with sneakers (if they’re not Nike, then what are you really doing in Sydney?) and a light bomber and you’ll be Bondi ready.


A high cut, backless one piece to show off while you’re tanning your hot dogs on Bondi Beach. Our 9.0 Swim Zuri One Piece in white will have your fellow Bondi frenemies shooting daggers in your direction while you take hundreds of selfies against the Bondi Icebergs pool.


A day to night dress that is both off the shoulder, light and striped. I’m not sure whether you know this but in Bondi everyone loves linen, kale and yoga. A good stripe also doesn’t go astray, which is why our Huntington dress in blue and white stripe is perfect for your go-to day outfit. Pair with heeled sandals for daytime escapades and dress it up with some pumps for nighttime affairs.

The South of France


A trip to the French Riviera in summertime is like stepping into celebrity territory. You never know who will be vacationing in Nice or gambling away their inheritance in Monte Carlo. So as you can imagine the dress code is Hamptons vibes X red carpet chic. White will be your uniform from here on out, juxtaposed with the occasion tan accessory, of course. There’s a fine line between overdoing it and under doing it. So here’s how to approach it…

A fresh white blouse that can be donned over kinis, thrown on for lunch or accompanied by a tailored pair of chinos and boat shoes. We have you sorted with the Watson shirt in in crisp white. It’s fresh enough for daywear and nightwear, but don’t mistake this laid back piece as an excuse to enter a casino in anything less than a ball gown.


A frilly, backless playsuit that embodies the combination of cheeky and flirty. Once again, you will be in white so that your reflection is sure to glimmer off the crystal blue water as the setting sun hits it. Romantic, right? Our Santos playsuit will cover you just enough as you’re strolling up and down the esplanade, stepping in and out of stores and climbing aboard moored yachts.

A teeny tiny bikini. I have two words for you ladies: Tan. Lines. Unlike the sun that scorches Australia, the European sun is a kind and gentle soul that only burns people who truly set out to cook themselves. Lucky for us we’re well versed to a little thing called sunscreen, so our 9.0 Swim Diaz Bikini Set in white is your new BFF. Featuring a bandeau top and tiny little bottoms, a flawless tan is well within reach.


If your New Year’s Resolution was to never leave the house without accessorising and you want to style up your holiday outfit a little bit, try adding a pop of colour and some leather.

Our Roscoe bandana in red is always the perfect accompaniment to any summer outfit, and our Bondi Sandals in tan or black are sure to make your ensemble look a little bit more pricey.

Not going on your next vacay for a while? It’s never too early to shop ahead! Check out our summer category here!

By Daniella Kelly



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