Trend Alert: How to rock denim like an Instagrammer

Denim as we know it is becoming less structured and tight; with more grunge and vintage influences shining through. Over the past 15 years has gone through so many evolutions, with 2017’s version being our favourite yet. But first, let’s recap on the major trend moments that denim has had…

Early 2000s

First there was the low rise boot leg during the days when Shakira and Britney roamed wild and free.



Then there was the almighty skinny jean, a trend some of us still hold dear to us today – they just make our bums look so damn good!


90s and 2015

In rebuttal to the tightness of the skinny, the mom jean with rolled up hems made a reappearance after the 90s and we were all a bit apprehensive at first… but now welcome those comfy suckers with open arms.


(how this trend actually resurfaced still bewilders us. We don’t hate it though)



2017’s adaptation of that is a happy medium: A high waisted, slightly slimmer fit jean with flattering frayed hems. This is a look that you will see a lot over the next few Fashion Weeks. The best way to wear these jeans is with a killer pair of heels. Because your whole ankle is exposed, you can really get creative!

No matter what the occasion, throwing on a pair of bomb-ass heels with your new frayed denim jeans is a recipe for success. It’s the perfectly Parisian way to dress up or down, depending on the rest of your outfit.

So what do you look for when purchasing a pair of heels that will work with your trendy pegs? Anything minimal, simplistic and timeless will work just fine!


Our pick

We love the Gael Heels Black for a pair of heels that suggest sophistication with a playful twist. The tie around ankle means these heels can easily be dressed up or down to suit any occasion!


If you’re more of a no-frills kinda gal, you literally can not beat a classic pair of nude stilettos. Our top pick of heels are theNightly Heels Cosmetic. Not only will they look perfect with a pair of frayed-denim jeans… but basically with everything else too.


Dying to hear more of the latest trends?! Check out the festival trend that ISN’T boho! 

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