The festival trend that isn’t boho!

It’s that time again: festival season! And if you’re done with boho like us, it’s also time to re-assess the ever-evolving festival style, and be rid of flower crowns forever! Slowly but surely, festival fashion is edging further and further away from florals and tassels and merging into something more refined, put-together and well, less…try-hard.


Vintage and retro-inspired outfits have been a huge go to this festival season, with rock band tees on the rise and denim jackets aplenty.

Considering American fashionistas are always just a teeny tiny step ahead in the world of trends, here are our favourite street style shots from Coachella 2016 with rad outfits that we think we’ll see dupes of over the next few months.

Our BB festival favourites:


A vintage rock tee is a must – just make sure you can answer any questions about the band you’re wearing in case somebody decides to one up you and accuse you of being unauthentic. If you can’t handle that sort of pressure, opt for a motorcycle brand or something instead. Shop the Badlands Muscle Tank here.



It’s all about being transparent this festival season. Whether it’s see-through lace or mesh, it’s a go to in 2017. Have some fun and layer it either over items or dress up underneath. Shop the Jenner Crop Top here.


If you don’t think you can break away from the bohemian trend then you can meet in the middle with a mixture of mesh and lace – still maintaining quite a feminine vibe but staying on trend too. Mix this with some sandals for a super cute, girlie look. Shop the Mon Cherie Two Piece Set here.



A vintage denim jacket is a must this festival season. Not only does it keep you warm at night when the sun drops and your vodka starts to wear off, but they work perfectly tied around the waste as an outfit accessory. Ultra laid back vibes and matches with everything – always a win. Shop the Vintage Rose Patch Jacket here.


Got your outfit sorted? Nail your festival make-up with our Rock ‘N’ Roll tutorial!

By Alex Scoffell


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