STOP! Read this before getting Lash Extensions

There’s no denying that Lash Extensions are the one of the most talked-about beauty treatments at the moment and everyone wants to try them at least once. They’re a fabulous and fierce way to transform your look and reduce the time you do your make up. Be warned though: they have a few drawbacks you need to be aware of, and they have the potential to ruin your natural lashes / life if you aren’t careful. Read on to find out more!


Start saving your pennies: at an experienced lash boutique with a good reputation (this is a must) you can expect to pay around $195 for a natural set or $300 for a volume set. Once you have obtained a full set of lashes, refills every 3-4 weeks will cost you anything between $50 to $120 depending on the circumstance. Lashes are similar to hair extensions in that you don’t really want to take any short cuts just to save a few dollars, or it will leave you in a red hot mess.

There are 4 different types of lash extensions. Synthetic, Silk, Mink and Faux-Mink. With Mink extensions being the most popular amongst celebs like Beyonce & Kylie Jenner, they also carry with them a ridiculous price point. Faux-Mink extensions are a great alternative to the real version if you are opposed to animal cruelty. They are made from a very fine, soft and silky material much alike mink fur but have the added bonus of keeping their curl after they’re wet numerous times. There are two ways you can apply lash extensions: the standard technique where one extension is applied to one natural lash, or the volume technique where 2-5 extensions are applied to one natural lash.

If you are lazy and don’t think you will be able to keep up with something that is super high maintenance, then walk away now gurl because you’re a disaster waiting to happen. If you can commit to the cost and time involved then lash extensions can completely transform your entire face and are totally worth it in the end.



Do not attempt lash extensions if you can’t sit still for a number of hours or are known to be claustrophobic. Depending on the style and density you can be sitting in the chair with your eyes closed for up to three hours. Wear something comfortable and remove ALL traces of eye make up before heading in. Be wary of the difference between cluster lashes and lash extensions and avoid cluster lashes at all costs, ask the technician to confirm that she is not using these on you. Make sure the technician is using medical grade, latex free, formaldehyde free glue which will minimise the chance of irritation and any allergic reactions.


According to lash experts, the first 48 hours of your lashes’ lives are the most crucial as this is the amount of time it takes to allow the adhesive to dry properly and create a strong bond. You can’t get your eye area wet during this time which means the easiest way to shower and wash your face is while wearing swimming goggles (you will look like a total idiot but it will be worth it).

Picking at them, rubbing them or pulling them out is a bit NO NO! If you can avoid doing this then your natural lashes will not get damaged and your extensions will last way longer. There are products you will have to avoid while wearing extensions including: any pencil or kohl liners that will tangle the lashes, any eye make up that is waterproof, mascaras with tubing formula and any oil based cleansers as it will loosen the clue. Be super careful when removing eye makeup and be prepared to spend a little extra time doing so.

If you’re worried about ruining your lashes in your sleep if you tend to roll around or rub your eyes, invest in a super dorky eye mask  (that kind of looks like a bra for your face) that is contoured to avoid the actual eye area. If you follow the rules, lash extensions can be the best darn thing that ever happened to you. If you don’t….. good luck.

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