Up your Insta flatlay game with these sizzlin’ Summer accessories!

What’s the point in going to the beach this weekend, if you can’t take one helluva filtered flatlay?! I mean, if you don’t take a picture on Instagram, were you ever really there…?


Joking aside, we all love a good beach pic! You’re with your besties, the sun’s out, the sky is blue – we’ve already got the recipe for Insta likes! And if you’ve just invested in a brand new staple bikini to see you through the sunny season, chances are you’re gonna wanna show that off too!


But it’s not just about your Summer ‘kini this season – it’s all about what you wear with it! Take a look at our ultimate Summer accessories, that’ll have you upping your Insta game next beach trip!


Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 12.59.37 pm.png

Sunnies; it’s a no brainer really! Anyone who’s tried taking selfies by the pool or on the beach can relate to being absolutely blinded by the giant ball of fire sun kissing our skin (not to mention, you’ve no clue what on Earth is happening on your phone screen – are we/aren’t we pressing the take photo button?!) Not only can you hide the designer bags under your eyes from last night’s one too many glasses of vino, but you can bae-watch on the sly without anyone knowing. We’ve convinced you haven’t we?! Yep, sunnies might just be our number one pick!

Shop sunglasses here!

Coolest new accessory on our radar


Move over Voss + Antipodes, there’s a new kid on the block and she’s a little bit pretty! We’re predicting the Found Basics Hydrate Water Bottle to be your new fave flatlay accessory! Not only is it super handy (she fits perfectly in your beach bag), but it looks totally cool in flatlay pics with delish fruits in (which is the most important thing, right?!)

Shop the Hydrate bottle here!

A roundie


If you haven’t seen or heard of the round towel, chances are you’ve been living under a rock. Those of you who’ve yet to stray from the ordinary rectangular towel, prepare to enter a whole new Insta playing field! We’re on about the original roundie by The Beach People, of course! With a range of different styles to choose from, enough room to lie across whichever way the sun is facing, PLUS doubling as a picnic blanket/room mandala, we’re investing in the Marjorelle (above) faster than you can say “round ’em up!”

Shop The Beach People here!

Twinning: Get your girl gang involved


Need a few extra pieces in your flatlay, but short on Insta-worthy accessories? Double up with your partner in crime and mirror each other’s beach outfits! This is probably one best left before you change into your swimmers on the beach (no rudie nudies please and thank you!) Just add sandals and sunnies and you’ll have double the trouble beach fun!

Shop Zuri here!

denim, denim, denim


Making a day of it (who can say no to brunch?) Turn your swimmers into your new fave Summer outfit by pairing it with your go-to denim! Nothing says Summer lovin’ more than Daisy Dukes (the cheekier, the better!) Mix it up with light bleach wash, heavily distressed, high-waisted, roll-cuff, dark wash or frayed hem – the possibilities are endless! Move over Jessica Simpson, your denim days are over!

Shop denim here!


Got the accessories, now just need the bikini?! Check out our 9.0 Swim Lookbook for swim-inspo!

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