Surviving the boxing day hangover

Forget peace and love and silent nights – if you’re anywhere between the ages of 18 to 50 the chances of you over indulging on Christmas Day are very high. December 25th is the one day of the year when it’s totally acceptable to pour yourself a generous glass (or five), help yourself to seconds and thirds and take hourly nap intervals #FOODCOMA.


If you’re spending christmas at home, the likelihood of one of your friends hosting a party in the evening is very high and will most likely result in you raiding their fridge for lunch leftovers at 3am. The downside to all of this, is of course the classic Boxing Day Hangover.

So how do you bypass the tantalising feeling that you’ve left your #fitspo goals behind and consumed an entire BWS? Listen up cause’ we been there, done that and this year WE GOT YOU!



There’s nothing worse than the morning after a holiday binge fest where you’ve piled your plate sky high over and over again and ignored the recommended daily intake message on the wine bottle. EXCEPT if you’ve gone and woken up on the floor of a walk in wardrobe, on a deck chair in the sun or on a couch surrounded by other likeminded fools who let #LITMAS get the better of them.  We’re warning you now: DO NOT TRY THIS!

Instead, wake up sprawled across your bed, possibly still wearing your paper cracker hat that is now torn in more places than one. You’ll realise with dismay that Christmas is over and check your Instagram feed for all of the present posts that you are probably jealous of. But you know what? You’ll be jealous in comfort. Crank that aircon, because it’s going to be a long hard day of napping.



If you’ve done #LITMAS correctly, you’ll reject any concept of actual sunlight today and shut yourself indoors. And if you’re mildly intelligent you’ll steer clear of all shopping centres and instead find the two things you can’t live without and spend some quality time with them (we’re talking about your laptop and credit card BTW).

Spend a little time browsing online and take advantage of all the juicy Boxing Day sales, because whats better than making it rain from your own bed?



Is there anything more to December than Christmas lunch leftovers? We think not. Boxing Day is the prime time to raid whatever is left in your fridge that you haven’t already half-consumed the night before and MasterChef the sh*t out of whatever you can find. We’re thinking turkey with alllll the toppings.

Boxing Day is also probably one of the last days that you can binge eat before you make your annual New Years Resolution of being #fitspo and eating clean from now on.

Made your way through the leftovers already? It’s not too late to do some post-Christmas cooking! Check out two of our fave Xmas recipes that won’t have you hating yourself! 

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