How To Get Hollywood Glamour Waves For The Party Season

Get ready for your close-up ladies! With so much prep planning your NYE outfit, we’ve sorta forgotten one key element to our party ensemble: our hair! If your go-to style is polka straight, or maybe a neat bun, this one’s for you! It’s time to let your hair down (literally) and do something a little bit fancy!

Enter hair stylist to the stars, Anthony Nader and owner of RAW salon in Surry Hills Sydney. With clients such as Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss, the hair guru told us all  his tips and tricks on how to nail bombshell Hollywood waves this party season!


What you will need:

Conditioning foam or mousse

Large barrel tong

Large round brush

Wide tooth comb

Lightweight hair spray

Bobby pins or hair dividers


First thing’s first to getting the perfect Hollywood waves: always wash your hair first, as you need a clean palate to work off. A lot of people think that if your hair hasn’t been washed recently that it will hold curls better. Rather than having dirty hair, Anthony advises to use the right prepping products to get the hold you need.


Be sure to use heat protectant before blow drying, and turn your head upside down while drying to get some extra volume if you don’t know how to blow-dry with a round brush.


One of his favourite products to prep with is a rich conditioning foam or mousse, applied from roots to ends and combed through thoroughly. Afterwards, smooth this over with a large round brush with loads of bristles so it separates all the hair and it appears more polished and healthy.

Use your large barrel tong or want and wrap your hair all in the same direction from ends to roots, ensuring to wind away from your face so your hair frames your features and flows beautifully.


Once you have used the curling wand, don’t panic if your curls look too tight like you’re going to the prom in the 80’s  (see T-Swizzle below) – use a wide tooth comb to brush our your glamour waves.


Place hair dividers or bobby pins in the curves of the waves, and spray with a light weight hair spray for long-lasting results.


Take the wide comb out with you for any touch ups to keep your curls in line throughout the day or night. Et voila – glam Hollywood waves set to cause a stir on the red carpet  dance floor!


Written by Anthony Nader of RAW Salon



@anthony_nader @rawanthonynader

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