Flawless In-Flight Skin Care Hacks For Summer

When you’re going on a holiday there’s lots to consider when it comes to your skin care; the possible climate changes, alterations with your diet, disrupted sleeping patterns, then there’s the room you have in your case for your toiletries and your weight restrictions if flying.

As someone who has spent a vast amount of time travelling for work as well as pleasure, here are my expert travel tips;

Tip #1 | Prep for Success


Good preparation before you set off  on your trip will pay you back dividends. Focus on boosting your skin’s moisture levels – good hydration is a key factor to a healthy skin. 

I love travel sized products, sadly not all skin care companies have them, but not to worry you can always decant your products into travel sized containers which you can buy from most supermarkets or chemists. Only decant sufficient product that you think you’ll need, saves bringing any home with you! Also see if you can get a few samples of products you may only need to use once or twice per week like an exfoliant. Remember any product that’s in your hand luggage  has to be 100ml or less!

When you travel, your moisturiser in particular ideally needs to be designed to protect your skin against environmental factors, ensure you have one that acts as a protective shield.

Tip # 2 Flying


On a short flight you can get away with wearing make-up, but on long haul your skin needs to be make-up free. Remember the average moisture hydration level in plane is only 10% and the way to save the skin is to keep the moisture levels as high as possible.

Ideally, just before you get on your flight you need to prep your skin, but if you like to wear your make-up until seated then a good cleansing option once seated would be to slip out a travel size, tissue off cleanser and remove all traces of make-up including eyes and lipstick. 

Now you have a clean skin on which you can build your layers of protection for the face and eye area. 

Layer one:

Apply either a hydrating spritz toner or a hydrating booster (Hyaluronic Acid, it can hold 1,000 x’s its own weight in moisture). 

Layer two:

I really like the new feather light facial oils, which can be spread over the skin to defend and protect against environmental stressors. 

The lips:

Apply a long lasting lip balm or reparative lip treatment every few hours especially after eating or drinking. 

The hands:

It’s not only your facial skin that dries out your hands and your nails do too.  So regularly apply a nourishing hand cream, I particularly like the ones packed with vitamins. For the nails you can use a couple of drops of the facial oil it will help prevent the nails from splitting.

The teeth:

It’s not something you may realise but your teeth can often become more sensitive after a long flight due to the moisture being stripped from them. You can wear a mouth guard when flying than can help. My dentist recommends using toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth for a few days prior and a week or two post the flight. Also be cautious of eating very hot and cold foods for a few days. 

The temples and back of the neck:

There are some great essential oil blends that are fabulous on the psyche as well as purifying the air (useful when you are breathing in everyone else’s germs for 20 hours). Blends may include Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Neroli, Lavender and Camomile which can be applied on the back of the neck or on the temples. 


Throughout your flight to freshen the skin and supplement the moisture spritz frequently with a hydrating toner.


Tip #3 Post Flight


Even though exhausted, try to pop on your skin (even for 10 minutes) a multivitamin recovery masque, the healing and soothing properties will help restore the skin. Once removed, apply a hydrating booster, your hydrating spritz, vitamin eye cream and your super-charged moisturiser. 


Tip# 4 Keep it Simple

For convenience and keeping your cosmetic bag to a reasonable size take with you multi-tasking products like exfoliating cleansers, facial washes that also remove makeup, BB, CC creams or tinted moisturisers that contain SPF30-50 sun protection.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant

Tip #5 Don’t be lazy

Whilst you’re away don’t give your skin care routine a total holiday. Cleansing is so important for a glowing, healthy skin so don’t skip it even if you’re not wearing makeup, remember you’ll need to cleanse off your SPF every night. Keep up your exfoliation even if it’s once per week to prevent getting congested and breakouts. And wear a big brimmed hat with quality sunnies if you’re travelling somewhere hot, you don’t want to come back with wrinkles!

By Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica 


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