Style Steal: Gigi Hadid’s AMA Wardrobe

In case you didn’t realise via Instagram, Pinterest and every other social media channel on the Internet, the 44th annual American Music Awards took place this month and was hosted by none other than our favourite IT-girl, Gigi Hadid.


While many a celeb in attendance seemed to be dressed to steal our hearts, the only winner in our eyes was Gigi, as she channeled her inner Beyonce with what seemed to be not three, not five but six outfit changes!

Apparently no one is excited as Gigi’s stylist for the silly season as her outfits see her in our fave colours for Crimbo – red and white!

Take a look at some of the golden girl’s fabulous choices:

The sophisticated ankle-length bodycon


This is a shot in the dark but we’re going to take a guess and say that Gigi has been nice this year – check out this jaw-dropping nude snakeskin gown by Julien McDonald! The Victoria’s Secret model stepped on stage with co-presenter Jay Pharaoh in this stunning textured piece – complete with cut-outs, long sleeves and a choker. Talk about chic!

The bohomian Red Carpet get-up


Not to be out-done by the likes of Selena Gomez who rocked up in a red frock, Gigi donned a glamorous white, off the shoulder, lace-frilled gown by Roberto Cavalli which fell to the floor and left JUST ENOUGH to the imagination! 

The star-studded presentation gown


And of course the cherry on top of this trifecta of Christmassy, glamourous goodness, of course had to be red! We’re saying a silent thank you to Kendall Jenner for so aptly bringing sequins back, because Gigi seriously slayed in that floor length, red sequin cut out dress by Atelier Versace! Ho ho ho-migod this girl can do no wrong – (and we’re still laughing at that Melania Trump impersonation btw!)

Need more celeb style inspo? Learn how to get Em Rata’s wardrobe here!

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