#Girlboss Series: Five Minutes With The Beach People

We took five with the gorgeous girls from The Beach People – two sisters from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales Australia, the birthplace of their brainchild idea – the Roundie towel.

Started up in the Summer of 2013, sisters Victoria and Emma took their impulse dream and made it the reality it is today. A main feature in thousands of beachgoers flatlays across Australia and the globe, these superstar siblings are dreamers and ocean lovers after our own heart.


BB: Hi Victoria!

Victoria: Hey BB! What’s up, thanks for chatting!

BB: First of all, where did the idea of designing a round towel stem from?

Victoria: Emma and I were sitting on the beach one day, watching our husbands surf and Emma turned to me and said “I think I am going to make a round beach towel and design it with beautiful patterns… want to do that with me?” and I said “yes” that was just the beginning of The Beach People journey…

BB: The roundie has become a staple part of beach flatlays – are you surprised with how much of a ‘cool’ necessity it has become for beach goers?

Victoria: Absolutely! I guess the Roundie is associated with fun and adventure. I feel like I will have a better time at the beach if I have mine with me. I LOVE that other people feel the same. It’s the ultimate seaside companion.

BB: What is it like going into business with a sister?

Victoria: We love it! Before The Beach People we were best friends and our husbands are also best mates. We were really concerned that the business might damage the friendship. We were so happy to notice that straight away it just worked. We’re yet to have a fight related to the business and we just LOVE doing this together. We celebrate together and also weather the storms that come with running your own business together. We’re better together.

BB: In what ways are you alike/unalike?

Victoria: Emma is the real dreamer! The creative force behind The Beach People and I’m more the doer… logical and I love numbers. We are so different! But completely on the same page when it comes to who The Beach People is and what we stand for.

BB: What inspires you?

Victoria: My family, travel and getting offline and in the ocean or rainforest….

BB: Your towels are named after many exotic locations, have you traveled to them and if so, where is your favourite destination?

Victoria: We sure have and I think for me it was Montauk in NY… it’s so far from home but was the only other place I have travelled to so far that felt most like home.

BB: What’s on your lust list right now?

Victoria: A new surfboard for Christmas! Some new togs, a hat and Roundie for Summmerrrrrrr

BB: Your new collection Earth & Sea invites customers to take a journey with you around the coastline of Australia. What are your favourite Australian beach destinations?

Victoria: My absolutely favourite beach in the whole world is 5 minutes from my house, Dreamtime beach which is the south beach of Fingal. I also love Wategoes in Byron Bay, Seal Rocks in central NSW and Rottnest island in WA… pretty!

BB: The new range is made from organic cotton, is sustainability important to you?

Victoria: Absolutely, our bath collection is made from organic cotton and we are working with our factory closely to monitor our impact and footprint. Cotton is a crazy industry so we are playing our part to do what we can.

BB: Where do you feel most at one – earth or sea?

Victoria: Mid air as I jump from one to the other!

BB: Describe your perfect Sunday.

Victoria: Well Emma and I both go to church in the morning and then usually spend the rest of the day at the beach. It’s the simple life for us… A great Sunday ends with a big seafood cook up with friends and family on sunset. If the seafood is caught fresh, that’s the dream!

BB: What’s next for The Beach People, would you consider delving more into home interiors such as linen?

Victoria: It’s in production as we speak! We’re coming indoors baby! We are developing new categories in the home and interiors for people to enjoy.

BB: And finally, what makes you insanely happy?

Victoria: My Man Jesse, My son Theodore and My dog Duke. We’re a happy family and it’s the bomb, we laugh a lot!




Stuck on what to buy your bestie for Christmas this year?! Shop The Beach People’s new range here!


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