How To Make Your Grad Trip The Best Trip Ever!

As the countdown to the end of your schooling life winds down to its final year, we bet you can almost taste the freedom. After 11 years of early starts, assembly and Pythagoras’ Theorem, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. And although they were the best days of your lives, trust us when we say the best is yet to come!

For those graduating next year and not quite sure what your plans are yet, we’ve scoured the Net and found one hell of a Grad Trip, guaranteed to have all your Insta followers lusting over those tropical beach pics! Yep, we said tropical (with no Surfers Paradise sign in sight – your Mum and Dad will thank you afterwards.)

With not one, but four overseas destinations to choose from, you’ll be grabbing your passport quicker than you can skull your first celebratory cocktail! Hurruh!

Firstly, what is a Grad Trip?

A Grad Trip is an overseas school leavers experience. You can choose to visit the beautiful Plantation or Mana Island in Fiji, Hideaway Island in Vanuatu, a volunteering expedition in Cambodia or a Winter Wonderland experience in Europe (for the extra cultured!)


What can I expect to do there?

Fiji & Vanuatu: It’s a no brainer really. You can relax on the beaches of Plantation, Mana or Hideaway Island, make a splash at the pool party, enjoy free day activities such as yoga on the beach, or grab your girls for cool moonlight island parties. Dress up and rock the themed evenings such as black and white and schools out.

Europe: For the adventure-seekers, travel to 10 European countries in 22 days. Destinations include Rome, Venice and Berlin.

Cambodia: For those looking to give back, you can volunteer at a local Cambodian school. Activities include assisting teaching classes for young children, helping them with their homework and cooking meals.

Why would I choose Fiji, Vanuatu or other destinations over the Gold Coast?

Firstly, in Fiji and Vanuatu you’re in an amazing destination with beautiful beaches and an amazing culture. Once you have paid for Grad Trip, all your food, accommodation, parties and a selection of free activities are already planned out for you. The islands are only for Grad Trip students, which means no families taking up the whole beach and certainly no creepy toolies attending the parties!

What is the best thing about a Grad Trip to Fiji or Vanuatu?

Fiji and Vanuatu have breathtaking beaches, the weather is always pleasant and warm, the people you meet along the way are always friendly and willing to help.


What is the best thing about a Grad Trip in Europe?

You get to see 10 amazing countries in 22 days – not to mention experiencing these countries in the lead up to Christmas! The Winter Wonderland tour includes breakfasts and dinners, London Tube pass, accommodation, local guides in London and Florence and 24/7 Unleashed Crew. Who can resist getting selfies with iconic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and The Colosseum in Rome!?

5 essentials to pack for a Winter Wonderland trip?

Chic coat

Comfortable walking shoes

Camera and electronics

A good guide book


5 essentials to pack for a tropical trip?

Staple bikini

Outfits for themed parties

Floppy hat and sunscreen


Waterproof camera


How do we stay safe?

The U:crew and Red Frogs are available 24/7 if any assistance is required.

Know your limit on how much alcohol you can drink and don’t leave your drink unattended

Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest

Stay close with your friends

I want to volunteer as well as party – how?

In Fiji you can be a part of the Spirit of Sharing Cultural Day, where you visit a school in Nadi.

In Cambodia, you can assist teaching classes to children, helping them with their homework, teaching them English and cooking meals for them. At night you will be taken to locals bars and restaraunts to unwind, relax and even have a little dance!

Why should Mum + Dad let us go?!

You will always be supervised by the U:crew, doctors, nurses, paramedics and Red Frog team 24/7 (if anything happened – better to be safe than sorry!) Best of all, Grad Trip is strictly for Grad Trip students, nobody else can attend (that’s right, no toolies allowed!)


Thanks to the team at Unleashed Grad Trips

Heading to Schoolies this year and stressing about what to pack?! Check out our Ultimate Schoolies Packing List here!

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