All Around The World With A Big “Thankyou!”


Country: Nepal Population: 27.8 million Climate: Warm and humid
Date:  30 June 2016
Project: Maternal and Child Health
Team: 843094_orig.png
Day 1:

“The team and I arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal! Dr Nastu from One Heart World-Wide and his amazing team greeted us. They were all so warm and genuine and we can’t wait to see the work they do in maternal and child health. This is the first time I’m travelling with Emma Stewart, Editor of Wonderful Mama, a Thankyou Community.”


Day 2:

“Today we started the long journey to Jaljala in Western Nepal. Along the way, we stopped at the largest suspension bridge in Asia, which was very cool, but kind of terrifying!”


Day 3:

“It took over eight hours with a stop overnight to reach Jaljala. The final leg of the journey was through mountains along a narrow dirt road with a sheer drop to one side. At times it was a little scary! This journey showed me just how remote these communities are and why it is so hard for women to access health care when pregnant and in labour, which results in many women delivering their babies on the side of the road as they journey to a health facility (which can take up to two days to walk to). If they don’t have a birthing centre near them and choose to not make the trek to the nearest one, they deliver their babies in their homes with their relatives.”


Day 4:

“Today Emma and I sat with groups of mothers from Jaljala to hear their incredible birth stories. They told us how happy they were that a birthing centre had been built in their village and that women would no longer have to travel far or give birth without a Skilled Birth Attendant.”


Day 5:

“We travelled to beautiful village called Amarbhumi today and had the opportunity to speak to the health workers at the birthing centre. They are actual lifesavers! They go out to communities and educate women on the importance of giving birth in a safe environment and assist during labour. We were fortunate to be while a woman gave birth by the hands of Dr Nastu from One Heart World-Wide. It brought home the realisation of how important it was to have a skilled health worker to deliver babies safely in these remote communities.” 


Day 6:

“Today is mine and Daniel’s sixth wedding anniversary! It’s crazy to think that six years ago we were on our honeymoon which also coincided with a visit to our first water project in Cambodia (after a sneaky Bali getaway of course!) It still amazes me that six years later we are seeing over half a million people with access to safe water, food, hygiene and sanitation programs. Now we are here, looking at the first child and maternal health program that 100% from Thankyou’s new baby range will fund.”


Day 7:

“We started the journey back to Melbourne. Every time we travel home from an impact trip, we are even more determined to ensure that we put every bit of energy and effort we have into Thankyou so that we can continue to support these life-changing projects. The trip really drove home for me that all children deserve an equal chance at life, whether they are born in a hospital in Melbourne or on a small village on a mountain in Nepal. Every child deserves to have a bright future.”

Justine xo


Written by Justine Flynn – Co-Founder of @thankyouaus

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