How To Make A Glass Terrarium

Adulting. Who can be bothered? There’s the weekly chores, food shopping, laundry and not to mention actually making your bed. Luckily growing up and finally waving goodbye to your hometown can have its benefits. Whether you’re moving out of home into your first new apartment or setting off to uni, you can make any space your own with a little DIY!

No matter what kinda space you’re working with, there’s always room on a shelf for bringing the outdoors inside. If you’ve got a green thumb with no backyard to call your own, building a glass terrarium of succulents and cacti is a surefire way, to give your room some life!


You will need:

Head to your local hardware store for a glass fishbowl, or better yet, rummage through brick-a-brack at a second-hand store for a cool design, or simply clean out an old jar in your cupboard.

Stop by the garden section and choose a selection of small cacti and succulents with a variation of colours and shaped leaves.

Grab some moss, compost and small stones. If you can’t find these at your local hardware store, try a pet store in the fish section!

Optional: Ornaments

Step one:

Add an inch layer of stones to the base of the glass bowl (or however thickness you desire depending on the size of the terrarium.)

Step two:

Add a little greenery with a layer of moss on top of that.

Step three:

Add an inch (or desired amount) of potting soil or compost on top of the stones.

Step four:

Add your plants and any ornaments you desire, and arrange with the tallest at the back.

Step five:

Place glass terrarium on the shelf with indirect sunlight (the glasses act as a little greenhouse – you don’t want to scorch your new babies!)

Voila! You now have a super cute, low-maintenance terrarium for your new home! Enjoy!


Love a little DIY? Check out our Macarame Plant Hanger!

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