#FlashbackFriday: The Worst Celebrity 00’s Looks & Our Old Skool Playlist!

The Noughties sure weren’t kind to us. Not only did we parade about town wearing Juicy Couture pink velour tracksuits, but we also thought it was super cool to wear our jeans as low as gravitationally possible. Oh, the shame. We rocked trucker hats thanks to serial prankster Ashton Kutcher, sparkly halter-neck tops due to Tara Reid, and Dad’s ties over our tank tops courtesy of Avril Lavigne’s sk8r boi phase (hey, we couldn’t skate but nobody cared.)

Just when we thought we’d get wiped out by the Y2K bug (looking back at Mum’s old photos, we sorta wish it had…) the era is back with a bang! Gone are the days of double denim faux pas – chambray is our new BFF! Take a wander down old memory lane and gawp in awe at these 00s celebrity disasters!

Double Denim










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