Coco Bliss x Beginning Boutique Spring Soul Sesh

Acai bowl fanatic? Us too! If you’re like the Beginning Boutique team & need a gold ol’ brekkie bowl to get your morning started, this one’s for you! We sit down with Co-Founder and Creative Executive Candi, from everybody’s fave brekkie bowl bar, Coco Bliss! Find out what inspired her to turn her delish smoothie & cold pressed juice dreams into a reality, what her fave bowl is, plus everything you need to know about our Beginning Boutique x Coco Bliss Spring Soul Sesh!


What inspired you to create Coco Bliss?

At the time we started there was literally NOTHING like this in Brisbane. You couldn’t even get an acai bowl or cold pressed juice! We had family affected by cancer and learn’t about the benefits of pure whole foods. We started experimenting at home with foods free from processed sugars and preservatives, and then the addiction began! But of course there was no where to buy this stuff on the run, so that’s where it started, there was no stopping us! We were open 4 weeks after coming up with the idea!

How did Coco Bliss start?

My best friend Mellita and I are both the kind of people to just jump straight in if we want to do something! We were on Oxford Street in Bulimba one day and saw a vacant shop. We’d only been talking about how much Brisbane needed somewhere to get Acai bowls and healthy treats! The trend was all over Instagram and was gaining traction overseas, so we called the owner of the shop, met with her that day, and with the help of a friend to invest, we had the keys that afternoon. Eek! We sure don’t muck around!

What is your favourite item from the Coco Bliss menu and why?

It’s really really difficult to pick just one, I would have to say…the Ferrero Acai Bowl!

I think that’s self explanatory haha. It’s so rich in antioxidants and healthy omega fats, but tastes like an incredibly decadent dessert. Yum! Or the Clean Chocolate Fondue, which is a GF banana bread with fresh strawberries and banana, and a deliciously fudgey chocolate sauce that’s made from mineral rich cacao and all natural ingredients! It isn’t processed, it’s preservative free, and it’s extremely high in minerals and vitamins! You seriously wouldn’t even know it, its sooooo good!


Why do you believe it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle?

I think it’s all about balance. As long as you’re moving your body each day and putting something into it that’s nutritious, then that’s a start! Don’t be so hard on yourself that you force yourself to have a constant battle with your diet and body. If you just eat natural whole foods, and try and reduce processed food, then your body will love you for it. It knows how to process healthy fats and natural sugars far better than processed foods and nasty preservatives, and the better you eat the better you feel. I personally don’t deprive myself of a piece of pizza or a burger if I ever feel like one, but I know I’m always going to feel better when I fuel my body with nourishing foods! So a little bit of a treat here and there is perfectly fine. You’ll find you crave healthy foods once your body has had its own little detox from processed and refined foods. When you eat well and do a little exercise you have more energy, and the more energy you have, the more you can tick off those goals and conquer the world!

C’mon Candi give us the run-down, spill your secrets! Tell us about your exciting new store!

Sooooo we are very busy bees at the moment because we have not one but THREE new stores opening, all in September. Which is crazy. One thing we’ve learned is timelines mean nothing when it comes to building a store and things don’t always go how you plan, and so of course they all end up opening on top of each other! It’s challenging, but extremely exciting to watch our business grow and see so many people embracing the healthy lifestyle. We have Paddington, Hamilton, and one of our most exciting stores is the Wintergarden store, because it will be smack bang in the middle of the Brisbane CBD, our very first City store! We have prime position and although the space is small, it’s mighty and we couldn’t be happier. Customers will also have the option to order and pay from their phones so it’s ready to pickup when they arrive, which is invaluable to busy CBD workers!


Tell us about the launch party!

We are hosting an epic Yoga Activation right in the Queen St Mall in conjunction with our favourite boutique, you guys! Expect a live DJ, a FREE uplifting stretch sesh in the sunshine, an incredibly inspiring yoga host, a major prize giveaway as well as a free gift bag for every attendee full of Beginning Boutique, Coco Bliss + more goodies, and of course free Coco Bliss smoothies! It’s going to be an event worth getting up for. It is a Friday so plan ahead and tell your bosses you have important matters to attend!

Before we let you go back to your world of acai bowl and superfood goodness, give us your number one tip for feeling good!

As silly and minor as this may sound, if I don’t make my bed in the morning my whole day feels out of whack. So step 1 make bed, Step 2 start the day talking to your favourite person or people in the world, and Step 3 remind yourself how blessed you are and think about how you’re going to kick ass for the day!  Three simple steps and the rest of the day will follow on your happy determined buzz!





Come along to Coco Bliss x Beginning Boutique Spring Soul Sesh and celebrate the new Wintergarden Coco Bliss store! Head to our Facebook event to RSVP.


Friday 30th August


10am for a 10:30am start

Prize Pack Including Overnight Accommodation, Dinner and Cocktails at Eleven Rooftop Bar, and BB x CocoBliss Vouchers

Incredible Goodie Bags for the First 50 Attendees

DJ, Photographer & Videographer

FREE Coco Bliss Bowls and Smoothies

BYO Yoga Mat

By Abbey Stuart

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