Spotlight On: Bella Hadid’s Off-Duty Looks

She’s part 90s goth girls, part hip hop babe. She’s not afraid to team those glam gowns with some sweet sneakers. Check out our fave Bella street style moments below and see how you can rock these looks!

80s babe


Get the look

afends-logo-crop-ls-141 lace-fly-pant-1 black-high-vans-25

Shop top, jeans, and sneakers.

Denim on denim


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denim-coat-225 navy-gelato-jeans-1 windsor-smith-executive-1

Shop jacket, jeans, and boots.

Fly girl


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first-base-hoodie-21 black-status-bag black-bomber-99

Shop top, bag, and jacket.

Gothic Beauty

Get the look

black-long-sleeve-ps-13 quay-muse-pink-gold-1 black-western-belt-44

Shop playsuit, shades, and belt.

😘 😘 😘

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