The Ultimate Travel Playlist & Pack List!

Heading on an adventure? Or just dreaming of one? Let us help you out with what to pack!

The essentials


When it comes to packing for an adventure, we’re big fans of getting back to basics. After all, you can shop for all the fun stuff while you’re there! Some of our must-haves: sunglasses, a bag big enough for all the day essentials, sneakers, a jacket that matches all your outfits, denim shorts and jeans, a good dress or playsuit, and a few of your fave tops to rotate through. Shop essentials.

For exploring


Besides tees and denim, a casual playlist is absolutely the way to go for day exploring on your trip. Just throw it on, and away you go! Team it with sneakers or sandals, a backpack or hat, and you’re set for a super stylish (and comfy) day ahead. Shop playsuits.

For the nightlife


While it’s tempting to pack your highest heels and array of party dresses, lugging that stuff with you on your adventure is not so fun (trust us, we’ve done it). That’s why we opt for the pretty playsuit option – you can wear this piece from the bar to the beach, festival to dinner and make it look different with a change of accessories. Pick a piece that will match the rest of your travel essentials, and teamed with your boots and jacket will still look amazing when it’s a bit chillier. Shop playsuits.

Want some advice?

Seasoned traveller Tegan Phillipa shares her tips about how to quit your job and travel the world!


Need the perfect soundtrack to your journey? Follow our playlist below!

Cover photo by Tegan Phillipa.

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