Festival Style Icons: Cara Delevingne

Festival season is nearly upon us. The season where we are consumed with the thought of desperately needing a shower, and having to worry about the unpredictable weather that will make your festival experience an extremely sweaty or an extremely muddy one. Either way, rain, hail or shine, you must get to snapping and boogying because only one thing is for certain, and that’s that your outfit is going to be a killer!

Cara Delevingne knows how to rock an outfit when she’s out to rock ‘n’ roll. Delevingne is known for showcasing her tomboy style and dressing like she’s ready to get down and dirty in the Glastonbury fields, while not taking herself too seriously. She is the queen of cool and that’s why one of our favourite festival looks is the Cara grunge.

The Jacket

53d4ca23ea218_-_caradelevingnevfestival Cara-Delevingne

Music festivals are your chance to put yourself completely out there and experiment with your style. So… DON’T HOLD BACK. But keep in mind, festivals get chilly even if you are dancing like nobody is watching and sweating like you hope no one is watching! So, be sure to get your hands on Cara’s staple festival look, with the effortlessly cool black leather jacket. You won’t want to take it off!

bb-biker-jacket-1 bomber-234

Shop left, or right.

The Statement Tee


Cara’s not afraid to say it – that’s why you’ll always see her rocking a statement tee! Paired with her favourite slouched pants and boots, you’ll be channeling Miss Delevingne’s grunge inspired style in no time. Just add a beanie or jacket in the cooler weather. 

girlgang-blak-386 kurt-tee-179

Shop left, or right.

The Kicks

2C1B0AE500000578-3227671-image-m-60_1441797195345 cara-delevingne_glamour_8jul13_rex_bt_592x888

Boots are made for dancing, and that’s just what they’ll do! What more can I say… A pair of practical black boots are a must have in achieving Delevigne’s look, but you’ll often see her rocking a sweet pair of sneakers too! They will not only ensure you a day without sore feet but will match your outfit no matter what combination of colours you pull together. Chelsea boots, docs, or maybe even some wellies if it’s muddy. Cara won’t mind!

pascal-8-eye-1 black-high-vans-25

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The Statement Sunglasses

Cara Delevingne And Suki Waterhouse At Glastonbury Festival 2013 pic7_v_12aug14_pr_b

Last, but in no way least, festival sunglasses are a MUST. Not only do they look ah-mazing and crank up your outfit to a whole new level, but they are you best-friend when it comes to hiding your running mascara after you cried while watching your fave artist. We’ve got the perfect range of retro glasses that would make Cara proud!

black-blue-geo-sunglasses-1 its-a-sin-418

Shop left, or right.

😝 😝 😝

You’ll be rocking the off-duty model look in no time! Get your next festival outfit from our festival category!


By Eloise Firth

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