How To Get A Gorgeous Festival Makeup Glow! Tutorial + Tips

Festival time is the best time for makeup! You can go as crazy, as heavy, or as stripped-back as you like. That’s why we got an expert to show us how to rock a bronzed-toned look and give us some tips! Meet Emily… watch her create this seriously ahh-mazing makeup to complement her festival look. Try this look if you’re heading to a day festival – and if you follow her tips below, you should get through the whole day without having to reapply!

Emily’s Festival Makeup Tips

  • Drink a lot of water the days leading up to the festival for radiant glowing skin from the inside out.
  • Use a primer and also set your makeup with a setting spray to ensure your makeup is looking bomb for as long as possible!
  • Use makeup products you trust and know work for your skin type and skin texture.
  • Choose a focal point of your makeup: like a bold lip, bold brows, flash tattoos, fun eyeshadow or colorful winged liner.
  • For a daytime festival, ensure you use a foundation with SPF and always wear sunscreen (it’s very easy to find scent free sunscreen at the drugstore!) You can also mix in a loose highlighter for an all-over bronzed goddess glow!


Wanna rock Emily’s look? You can! Check out our festival looks here!


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