Behind The Scenes: Aimee & Chloe’s Travel Diary

 It’s Summer in London, festival season and two best friends are longing for their next weekend adventure. They spin a globe and close their eyes, their next steps in the hands of the world. Ahead lie 3 days of travelling, sight-seeing, dancing and dreaming with not a care in the world. Now is their time to be forever young…

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Day 1

London -> Bordeaux


Waking up in London before the rest of the city, it feels like we are sneaking away from the hustle and bustle with no trace. Passports and boarding passes in hand, we are up and away to the beautiful French city of Bordeaux. Touching down our stomachs are filled with butterflies and our imaginations are running wild with what our eyes will see. Walking through the cobblestone streets of Bordeaux, we can’t help but have a smile on our face. The sun is shining, people are smiling and the buildings are breathtaking. Our French chateaux awaits, with balconies overlooking the street and a courtyard filled with bikes. We drop our bags, grab our cameras and begin to wander through the streets and allies of the city. Lunch sitting in the sun of an old square bustling with people is followed by exploring the many interior vintage and clothing stores of Bordeaux, with a gelato in hand. The sun begins to set and the sky is vivid shades of blue and pink. We take it all in with one of the best views of Bordeaux from a rooftop bar.

IMG_1592 IMG_1595

It’s time to rest our eyes and recharge our minds as tomorrow we venture to a new haven.

Day 2

Garorock Festival 


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IMG_1621 IMG_1620

We wake before the sleepy city with excitement for the day ahead. A festival in the French countryside is calling our name and we are ready to chase the music. Glitter flies around the room as we paint our faces, adorn ourselves with jewels and pull out our best festival threads. Travelling through the French countryside, the wind is in our hair, the sun illuminates the glitter on our face, and we follow the long road ahead to unearth the unknown. Festival goers frolick and we know we have arrived. Backpacks and boots in tow, we venture into the transformed land of Garorock Festival.

IMG_1622 IMG_1637

IMG_1719 IMG_1721

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The afternoon is spent making friends, taking selfies and twirling around without a care in the world. As the sun goes down the stages are illuminated. We boogie to Glass Animals and groove to Jamie XX until hearts are content and our feet are aching.

Back to Bordeaux we go, reminiscing on the new memories made as we begin to doze off.

Day 3

Bordeaux -> London


We wake to glitter in our sheets and smiles on our faces. There is still more of this magical city to see, so we set off with a coffee in hand and a croissant to go. The day goes by as we have a long lunch along the river and people watch. The sun begins to fade on another day in paradise and it’s our cue that it’s time to return to the familiar sounds of bustling London. With souls as warm as our sun-kissed skin, minds full of unforgettable memories and our next adventure on the horizon, our trip comes to an end and reminds us that we are forever young… 

Chloe & Aimee x

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Chloe & Aimee were the stars of our Forever Young festival lookbook – where they ventured to Garorock in France. Follow their adventure and see the lookbook here!

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