Festival Style Icons: Kate Moss

Kate Moss and Glastonbury are a dynamic duo. Mossy practically put festival fashion on the map and made it a thing, so it’s no wonder her style is still on the top of our inspo list. Think short shorts, neutral colours, lots of black, leather with press studs, messy hair and of course, a pair of wellies, the muddier the better.

Mossy Likes Short Shorts


First things first, look up any picture of kate moss and you’ll find her in a pair of short shorts, butt cheek skimming, usually raw hemmed and always low on the hips. Clearly, Kate Moss knows that the easiest, most effortless way to get that cool, rocker style is to start with a pair of shorties. She’s a clever girl that Mossy!

ot-burg-shorts-97 ot-tassle-shorts-116_1

Shop left, or right.

The Skinny Jeans / Statement Tee Combo


Of course, festivals do get chilly so when shorts simply aren’t an option, skinny jeans are! A tight fit is good because you’ll need them to fit nice and snug into your wellies. Again, don’t be afraid to go grunge, try zips and rips. Pair them with a statement tee or band shirt for that old-school-cool rock n roll look.

lace-up-black-pants-193 kurt-tee-179

Shop jeans (left), or tee (right).

The Boho Rocker Look


An essential component to any wardrobe, but especially essential to Kate Moss’ festival style, nothing beats a wide sleeve piece for that perfect bohemian touch! Of course, Mossy adds her own badass touch by teaming her lacey top with black skinnies and boots – and you can too. 

white-flare-babydoll-225 black-bat-wing-top-1

Shop left, or right.

The Sherpa Jacket


We’re starting to notice the sherpa jacket coming back in – and of course, Moss is already all over it. Such a practical piece for festivals – it’ll keep you warm and your outfit looking fresh. Dare to mix it up with a coloured piece like ours below!

pink-fleece-jacket-300 fleece-jacket-1

Shop left, or right.

Last But Not Least, Boots!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Anthony Devlin / Rex Features ( 527591a ) Kate Moss GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, BRITAIN - 25 JUN 2005

And finally, no Kate Moss inspired look would be complete without a pair of wellies. Practical and oddly cool looking, a good pair of boots is a must. If you’re not into gumboots or it’s not muddy where you are (lucky you), you could go combat boots, docs or a pair of slick Chelsea’s. I’m sure Mossy would still approve!

elastic-docs-1 windsor-smith-grinded-1

Shop left, or right.

Feeling inspired? Get your next festival outfit from our festival category!


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