Festival Style Icons: Alexa Chung

Nobody can make dressing for a festival look quite as classy, polished and super sleek as Alexa Chung. But we can and we will try! Chung tosses all the rules of festival dressing out the window, she brings her personal super stylish, preppy Brit look, adds a bit of a casually, grunge edge and instantly looks like a street style photographer’s dream. How she manages to stay looking so perfectly styled and clean we’ll never know, but we have figured out what to pack to steal a bit of Miss Chung’s elusive look.

Sleek In Skinny Jeans


Alexa knows what she’s doing that’s for sure! Skinny jeans are the most stylish and most practical way to make sure you’re dressed for all the crazy weather whilst remaining on point. The tighter the better, they’ll loosen up once you’ve had a good dance to your fave band. Also, go for black and dark grey, perfect for masking those pesky dirt stains, tucking into boots and general merriment.

lace-up-black-pants-193 navy-gelato-jeans-1

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Full Boho, Babe


Alexa has been known to let her hair down, toss the leather aside and embrace the boho, babes. But is typical Chung fashion, it’s never mainstream – no printed playsuits on this lady. Think plain flowing dresses, strappy sandals, statement shades. Minimal, yet so impactful! Embrace white dresses during summer festival season, or layer with some denim and boots in the cooler weather.

white-flare-babydoll-228 white-ps-201

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The Not-So-Little Denim


Little denim bum shorties are so not Alexa’s style, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get good use out of this festival staple. Go for a longer length or high waisted, just make sure they’re cuffed and clean cut. Tuck in a button-up shirt and you’re good to go!

bb-afends-shorts-253 ot-denim-skirt-132

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“Thank Us Later” Practical Jacket


One thing that we love about Alexa’s style is that she is always dressed practically, ready for anything. No unnecessary adornments, just stylish, quality clothing that will get you through the day. Obviously, outerwear is super important when it comes to festival dressing so Alexa seems to favour practical coats in durable materials. Make sure you’re ready for anything and warm when the sun goes down in a toastie parker, a leather biker or an oversized denim jacket for the day.

bb-biker-jacket-1 fleece-jacket-1

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The 90s Slip Dress


Sleek, minimal, a little bit 90s and super comfy, the slip dress is the perfect choice for any summer time festival. Excellent for dancing in and staying cool, Alexa knows the best way to go is a little metallic number with a matching jumper for nighttime. If a short dress scares you at a festival, just throw on some stockings underneath or a little pair of shorts to keep things practical.

pink-slip-160_1 grey-slip-198

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Chelsea Girl Ankle Boots


We know that usually, the number one footwear choice for a festival would be some wellies, but follow Alexa’s footsteps and try some flat ankle boots! She favours the Chelsea style and we must admit they do look super cute with some frilly socks poking out the top. The flat style will ensure you’re comfortable all day long, your feet are protected from other punters and there’s no doubt they’ll match all your Alexa-inspired threads!

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By Georgie Horn

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