The BB Ambassador’s Secrets To The Perfect Selfie!

Need some expert advice on how to up your selfie game (yes, please!)? We asked some of our BB ambassadors to give us their tips on how to ace it every time!

Emma Deal

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Insta: @emmacantdeal
Age: 22

My name is Emma, I am 22 years old and my current obsession is anything with Oreo’s (Cadbury oreo choc to be exact – omg). I am a uni student studying my masters so currently hitting the books so my future self can buy all the oreo chocolate I dream. My hobbies include learning how to make new desserts – however, I should start to learn how to cook main meals one day or my future family will eat cake every night (whoops, #notsorry). Some other hobbies I have are going to the gym, hitting up the beach (bring back summer now, jokes over), hanging with my dog (she’s cute, you would too) and having a laugh with my best girls about random stuff that won’t matter in a years time. I’m pretty low-key if I’m being honest.

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Selfie Secret:

Now to the selfie – sometimes it just doesn’t feel like your day, so no matter the angle, lighting, backdrops, it may not feel right. But! It’s important to remember that it’s obviously not you, (because you all are beautiful) – it is your mindset! Honestly, if you want to take a bombshell selfie, play your favourite music, take a breath and just relax! Feeling good inside will give you all the confidence you need. It’s all about the perfect mindset and the right amount of sass!

Luka Muller

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Insta: @lukamuller
Age: 19

Hi I’m Luka, I’m 19 years old and I’m a QUT student in Advertising and Public Relations. On the side, I do nannying for some extra pocket money as well as modelling and promoting. Hobbies I enjoy doing are online shopping, playing with my kitten Coco and my YouTube channel which is ‘Luka Muller’. A dream of mine is to move to Sydney and find a career I love in public relations preferably doing the social media for a company or working within the entertainment industry.

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Selfie Secret:

Definitely choose great natural lighting, a big cheesy smile and an Instagram filter… one of my favourites is Aden.

Rowi Singh

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Insta: @rowisingh
Age: 21

My name’s Rowi and I’m a digital influencer and style blogger. I’m currently in my last year at uni studying Commerce/Arts and when I finish I’d love to move into the world of digital media marketing. My ultimate hobbies are blogging, eating fried chicken burgers and hanging out with my best friends and boyfriend. My ultimate dream is to one day have my own brand! I’d love to design jewellery and sunglasses.

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Selfie Secret:

It’s definitely all about the lighting! Also playing with the saturation and highlights on apps like After Light.

Olivia & Ashley Mescia

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Insta: @ashleymescia & @oliviamescia
Age: 16

Our names are Ashley and Olivia Mescia and we are 16 y/o identical twins from Sydney. Being a student in high-school we can be quite busy when it comes to juggling school, our social life, maintaining health and fitness and work but when it comes to beauty and fashion, we can always find time for it. We love staying fit and healthy so we like to go to the gym at least four times a week. With recently launching our blog earlier this year our goal is to inspire and have a positive Influence on other teens by engaging them in all aspects of beauty, fashion and an insight to our everyday life. With our future approaching fast we wish to work together in combining many goals of ours, beginning with branded design and branching out to fashion labels and styling.

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Selfie Secret:

Our go to selfie secrets start by locating a place with the best natural lighting and time of day. Having the right angle is key to your selfie, try taking it at mid height however everyone has their own angle so just try and find one that works best for you.

It’s best to change your selfie up every once in a while with a different pose or expression or even a different makeup look. We love to highlight our face and give it that natural glow in our selfies also.

Lastly, We like to stand out in our selfies so we whiten the background up slightly to remove any yellow tones.

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