YAAAAAAS! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! You caught up on all those missed lectures and with the help of our old pal caffeine, you got through the monster that is exam block! I may have napped with notes under my pillow in the hopes that all that information would magically enter my subconscious… that’ll get me a 7 right?

Who cares! You can now say adios to consuming more coffee than humanly necessary, you can say adios to baggy eyes and sleep deprivation and you can say adios to your inner angel that scolded you while you were procrastinating! Why? BECAUSE IT IS HOLIDAY TIME! Indulge in a well-earned break and let your hair down.

Here is how to have the best holiday on a university-tight pocket budget!

Picnic in the Park


Oh, how I love a cheese platter with my gal pals! Pick up some sourdough, Brie, quince paste, strawberries, and chocolate and head to the park! Use an old blanket and bask in the afternoon sun whilst nibbling on some delights. A little homemade sangria never went astray either!

The perfect picnic dress will make this day even better; the relaxed material will compliment a wide brimmed hat and some sandals! Get snapping coz’ all your friends are going to be jealous of this gram! 

denim-shirt-dress-237 black-ps-214

Shop dress, and playsuit.

Get active


Yes, you are free from exams, no more excuses! Find the nearest mountain and trek up it for the day! Trust me, the view from the top will make the sweat all that much better! All the more excuse to buy a cute active wear outfit right? 

black-found-shorts-90 pizza-yoga-mat-1

Shop shorts, and exercise mat.

Eat up a storm


Take to the streets for a stroll and find the most divine places for coffee and brunch! Start in the morning, stop for coffee and continue on until you have found a spot for brunch and most importantly an afternoon tea or dessert emporium! You will be surprised at how many indie cafes are out there with grassed walls, twinkle lights, and arty installations!

green-coat-81 black-crop-knit-194

Shop left, and shop right.

Visit a museum


We have a deep passion and appreciation for art, of course. But let’s impersonate Blair Waldorf and give ourselves the opportunity to be swept away by Prince Louie (or some cute Aussie guy, either way, I am up for both – hehe).

pink-pu-skirt-1 nude-tie-front-dress-61

Shop left look, and shop right.

Plan your next holiday


There is nothing better than having something to look forward to! So indulge your wanderlust’ed soul and take to Pinterest to find hidden gems and tropical hideaways for your next vacay!

neon-coral-bikini-set-1 pink-bb-cord-skirt-1

Shop bikini, shop skirt.

Hit up the Club


Strap on some heels, wear your newest party dress and let your hair down! Dance away the night with your girlfriends and bust out some moves for a night of laughter and fun! If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping piece to celebrate the holidays in style, check out these party pieces!

wine-strapless-dress-153 navy-os-dress-1

Shop left dress, and right dress.


There is nothing sexier than a go-getter and we can’t be Queen B all the time (although I like to think I am). So take some time out to relax and recharge! Run a bath, read a novel, take up DIY and chill the f*ck out – you have deserved it!

😎 😎 😎

Oh, and most importantly… spoil yourself! Students score 10% off storewide at Beginning Boutique for perfect vacay outfits!

By Abbey Stuart

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