Customize Your Denim: How To Add Patches & Paint!

If you’re craving something different, wanting to customise your everyday pieces or make your look stand out – then this is definitely the tutorial for you. Customising your denim is super easy, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it! Once you’ve mastered the basics, don’t be afraid to experiment. Find out how to do it below. And thank us when you’re totally addicted!

What you need:


How To Make A Stencil

  • Print out of design
  • Acetate paper
  • Stanley knife
  • Cutting mat
  1. Choose your favourite expression and type it up in a word document. You may have to experiment with the type and size by printing out a few samples until you get the perfect size (bolder and thick is easier to cut if it’s your first time).
  2. Tape the final printout to your acetate paper so it won’t move while you cut it. Place it on top of a cutting mat or thick cardboard so you don’t damage your whatever you’re carving on!2-stencil
  3. Carefully cut along the outline of the letters using the Stanley knife. The letters should pop out once you do the outline.
  4. Your stencil is now ready!


How to Paint Your Denim

  • Fabric paint – we used acrylic paint and a textile mixture
  • A bowl
  • A sponge
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Gloves
  • Stencil (or freehand)
  • Fabric sealer (if using glitter)

You can buy fabric paint from the craft store. We used acrylic paint with a textile mixture for this DIY. Follow the paint instructions on the label to see how to best apply and take care of your fabric paint job. And take note: you are working with fabric paint – so wear old clothes you wouldn’t mind getting stained!

  1. Place your stencil over the desired area and tape around the edges so it doesn’t move while you’re painting.4-tapex
  2. Put your gloves on, and mix or add your fabric paint in a bowl according to the instructions on your paint.
  3. Start by dabbing the paint over the stencil. Be aware of fiddly parts of the stencil (like the inner part of the ‘G’ in our case), they may stick up or move and cause the paint to bleed. Simply hold these parts down with your finger and dab over them carefully. Once you have dabbed the entire area you can smooth the paint out with strokes.5-paintx
  4. If you’re feeling daring, sprinkle glitter all over your design! No seriously, it’s awesome.6-glitterx
  5. Peel the stencil off to reveal your masterpiece!7-peel
  6. Leave to dry for 12 hours. Place a sheet over your design and iron for 5 minutes or so to set the paint (unless otherwise instructed on your fabric paint).
  7. If you’ve glittered your fabric like ours, it’s best to use a fabric sealer to protect the glitter and leave it in place. Follow the instructions on the bottle for the best use.
  8. Dayum girl, you just made a masterpiece! Time to add some patches…

How to sew a patch

  • A thick needle
  • Thread (any colour)
  • Patches
  • Thread scissors
  • A thimble
  1. Layout your patches until you’re happy with the design. Once you are, pin these into place.8-patch
  2. For our patches we doubled up our thread for extra strength. Do this by feeding the thread through the needle until it’s at the length you need to tie the patch. Once you’re happy with the length, trim the thread and tie a knot at the end.
  3. Starting from the inside part on the jacket, use a back stitch to secure the patch into place. There’s a great back stitch tutorial here for any newbies!
  4. Repeat the process until all are done. Yasss, you did it!


How to rock your design

You just do you. Show it off and pair it with whatever makes you feel amazing. You’re welcome!


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