Embrace the Chill With These Cool Winter Activites

The idea of a chilly day makes most people want to curl up and stay inside, but we’re here to tell you that this winter is full of fun activities to keep you going and yes, Netflix is on the list. So, get your winter wardrobe ready because you only get one season to rock some solid outerwear, beanies and scarves and people should see your winter style!

Winter Festivals


Don’t be scared by the idea of a winter festival. This is the perfect occasion to rock that faux fur jacket you’ve had in your wardrobe all year! There’s music festivals like Splendour In The Grass, Vivid or Dark Mofo in Tas and we guarantee you can find a food and wine festival near you this winter that make for a perfect day out!

denim-shirt-dress-235 red-poncho-1

By the way, we totally have you covered in that department too… check it out!

Mulled Wine


Lots of bars all over Aus add new drinks to their menu depending on the season, everyone loves a mojito for Summer but have you tried mulled wine for Winter? You can find out which of your local bars make it, hopefully by a fireplace, or you can have some fun at home and make it yourself with some friends! We found an amazing recipe here. Part of the fun is taste testing it!

Have a Bonfire Party


Got a beach house sitting idle during the chilly months? Don’t let it go to waste! Why not invite some friends over, make a bonfire (where permitting), roast marshmallows and enjoy yourself a bonfire party that’s sure to go down in the good books. If all else fails you can try and recreate the Destiny’s Child Superbowl reunion after a bevvie (or six).

Winter Feasting


One of the best and most guilt free times of the year to binge eat (besides Christmas and Easter of course) is winter, partly because you can easily hide that food baby with a big, cosy jumper. Invite some friends over and host yourself a winter feast off! Your mates will love you for it and the best part is you can employ the “I cooked so you clean” rule! 


Try this warm Ginger Loaf with caramel sauce, or a hot Cinnamon Pretzel, or this Veggie Noodle Stir-Fry! Drool.

Exhibition Hopping


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that all culture comes to a stand still, lots of galleries have amazing exhibitions in cities all over Aus! Why not make a day of it and grab yourself brunch at one of the amazing gallery cafes or restaurants. There are major art galleries and museums in every capital city in Aus and lots of lesser known ones that have some interesting shows. See what you can find!

Netflix and Snug


No winter activity list would be complete without Netflix, we know this much. Sometimes you just want to grab your S/O or BFF, rug up in some comfy clothes and binge watch your fave show/s. Try going through the genre lists and adding some new stuff to your must watch list, getting some snacks, maybe some wine and just Netflix and Chill-out. Now’s the time! 

Best binge-worthy shows: New Girl, Orange Is The New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

😎 😎 😎

By Georgie Horn

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