Secret’s Out: Pretty Little Liars Style

We’ve got a secret, can you keep it? Don’t worry, there are no *spoiler* alerts here – but Pretty Little Liars just might just be our most guilty, mid-week pleasure (who are we kidding, we binge-watch this all-week-long.)


But it’s not just ‘cos we’re dying to put an end to all this ‘A’ nonsense. The fearless foursome have escaped death more times than humanly possible (everybody seems to want to run them over), yet their effortless style never seemed to falter. We’ve watched Aria mix up her prints with some rather bold choices, preppy Spencer always looked so wholesome, and Hanna, well Hanna couldn’t even afford her designer ensembles *ahem*. Whilst we all know a friend who is so Ali, we’ve always resonated with the cool ‘n’ casual style of Emily. If there’s one style secret you’d better lock in your pocket and take to your grave, it’s gotta be Em’s go-to get-up! After all, a pair of blue jeans, a sleeveless trench, a vintage tee and biker boots are always going to be easier to run away in – just sayin’. Who knows, maybe after all these years, A is only chasing the girls for Emily’s style advice…


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blue-cape-1 khaki-vest-coat-68


Your secret to amazing PLL style is here – A.

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