On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink: Best Mean Girls Styles!

If you’re waiting ‘til Wednesday to wear pink, stop right there and put down the black. Done it? You go Glen Coco! No list would be complete without everybody’s fave movie to quote – Mean Girls! We loved to hate Regina George and her group of Plastics, but secretly idolised their ability to turn boob-holes into a ‘thing’ (it was so fetch.)


Fast forward 12 years, and the ultimate Plastics look has had a major update. Gone are the pretty cardies and slogan tees, we’re all about pink bombers and leather skirts, slip dresses and off-shoulder crops now we’re all grown up! Sounds so fetch? We know right! Not only will you get to wear pink every day of the week, but you’re gonna look like, really pretty, and everyone will wanna sit with you.



pink-off-shoulder-top-2 blush-skirt-1

monday-67 pink-bb-cord-skirt-1

awesome-tee-1 pink-lace-dress-217

Shop Regina’s look here and everyone will be, like, so obsessed with you.


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