What Would Blair Wear: Gossip Girl Style

Hey Upper East Siders – BB here. And have we got the biggest news ever. One of our many sources sends us this: “Spotted, mysterious girl rocking what can only be the subject of envy amongst all Gossip Girl fans across the globe…the Blair Waldorf look!”

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Welcome to the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, girls! Ever wanted to eat lunch on the steps of The Met, and still manage to look eternally chic? It’s no secret we’ve lusted after Serena and even Jenny’s Upper East Side looks over the years, but it’s Queen B who always reigned supreme! Hello, look at that coat collection! Next time you’re looking at your uni wardrobe, trying to draw some sort of inspiration, in times of need we have to turn and ask: “what would Blair Waldorf do?” Incorporate a little glamour into your daily ensemble with a monochromatic masterpiece! Add a black A-line skirt, a white button-up blouse, a chic grey coat, and throw on a headpiece (if you’re going the whole mile).

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And voila! Your New York girl in Paris look is perfected! You know you love it, XOXO.


Shop Blair’s wardrobe here.

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