How To Dress Bold When The Weather Is Cold

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but your wardrobe looks so delightful! In the words of the oh so handsome Jon Snow: Winter is coming. Yep, you’ve heard it time and time again, but we’re being serious. Slowly but surely, those crisp and fresh mornings are creepin’ up on us faster than the wind blows. So how do you keep up morale or even begin to venture out the house, when you’re pretty much living in Antarctica? Ok, over-exaggeration aside, it’s getting pretty chilly, and if there’s anything our fave celebs have taught us through the years, it’s that there’s no such thing as compromising on style during the cooler months.

Indeed, it’s hard to stay eternally chic, when you’re wearing more layers than a kid on a trip out to the zoo with their Grandma. And don’t even get us started on the plain Jane jumpers and cardies we’ve received over the years, still loitering in the backs of our wardrobes with the tags on. For those in search of finding their go-to Winter ensemble, put down those novelty Christmas jumpers and don’t stop believing! We’ve brought you six bold styles to adopt, guaranteed to take you from snow bunny to ice queen in five seconds flat!

Animal Print
status vans-sneaker-1

Shop wallet & shoes.

We’re talking about the spotted and dotted. The age-old glamour piece, that has heads turning since way before we were born. In the sixties it was a statement for ferocity and fearlessness – just take Sophia Loren in her leopard coat get-up. Talk about chic! Then there was the ever-stylish Kate Moss, sporting her timeless leopard print midi dress and heels. Anna Wintour has rocked it. Michelle Obama has rocked it. Hell the whole Kardashian clan has rocked it (several times might we add.) And one thing all these ladies have in common? They’re strong, independent women. Yep, there’s something about (faux) fur that re-creates ultimate fierceness and feistiness. A kooky #GirlBoss with a wild side. Who can resist the sense of empowerment leopard print brings, to those willing to take the risk? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: if you won’t go big, you can go home! *Mic drop*

Colour Blocking

grey-cape-n1 bb-afends-skirt-n3

Shop cape & skirt.

We’ve seen it on the runway for Gucci, Loewe and Celine, and now colour-blocking is swarming towards us with a sea of carefully-curated colour-coordination. The trend has had a major overhaul since the last time it rocked our shores, something about it now exudes a slightly sophisticated vibe. Coloured fur jackets, blazer and pant ensembles, poppin’ pepto-pinks and eccentric azures. Head to toe colour is not for the faint-hearted. But the secret to colour blocking is this: anything goes. Long gone are the days of complimentary, matchy-matchy tones and shades. We’re talking about crimson with blush, magnolia with tangerine, indigo with teal; the limit does not exist! If you’re afraid of resembling a traffic light, our best advice is to stick with two-tones and leave it at that. If Carrie Bradshaw rocked it, it’s good enough for us!


stripe-knit-dress-n2 stripe-midi-n1

Shop stripes.

An ode to European vacations of the past. Bringing home memories of sailing the warm Mediterranean seas, that glass of bubbly on the top deck, and that cute sailor steering us towards the sunset. Ok, so none of this actually happened, but we can dream, right? Chances are you’re already rocking the striped look, you’re maybe even wearing them now. There’s something oh so chic about stripes, something French and so ooh la la. The Breton tee became an institution in its own right, made famous by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel as the essential androgynous garment for every woman’s wardrobe. And so the nautical trend began. A definite must-have for the Wintry seasons, as a reminder of hazy Summers better spent in the sun. We’re loving navy and white stripes with flashes of red. Incorporate it into midi skirts, palazzo pants or blazers, keep it looking fresh, bold and fearless, and the hot French sailors will follow.


floral-off-shoulder-top-n1 denim-jacket-1_5

Shop top & dress.

Delicate romanticism has certainly taken a backseat when it comes to florals. Gone are the misconceptions of floaty flowery pieces resembling Little House on the Prairie, and the matching smocks your mum used to dress you and your little sister (or brother) up in. In the 21st century, florals are being used to dress sexily, powerfully or androgynously too. Think two-piece suits and slip dresses over tees, paired with boots and bombers. We can’t get enough of the 90s trend that’s saturating our news feeds, and layering ditzy florals is our idea of a comeback and a half. if Eva Mendes wore a matching floral pant suit and went on to marry Ryan Gosling, then maybe he’ll find it in his heart to love us too…? Worth a try!


pants-1 black-bomber-n2

Shop pants & jacket.

Ground control to Major Tom. Head stuck in the clouds? Celebrate your intergalactic individuality without having to set foot on the moon itself. Think about unleashing your inner space cadet, through a series of striking, interstellar pieces. While we can’t all afford 3-D-printed jackets, we can make a splash in a whole lot of geometrics, metallics, silvers and shiny fabrics. And it doesn’t just stop there, combine geometric greys, blues and blacks for a very space-age feel if you’re not the biggest fan of loud statements. Silky, metallic bombers, black shimmery slip dresses and oversized longline blazers with extra shoulder pads. And for those itching to be the centre of attention, stiff over-accentuated collars, rendered cuts and smooth shapes will turn your everyday wardrobe into the extraordinary! For a muse, look to Kimmy K’s Manus x Machina Met Gala look, dressed head-to-toe in a Balmain silver embellished gown – a nod towards the futuristic. Channelling your out-of-this-world, abstract look will almost certainly take your Wintertime wardrobe to a whole other astronomic level!

Bold lips

jeffree-star-tiffany-2 jeffree-star-pink_1

Shop lipstick.

Not quite confident to pull off an all-over, bold look? Well then ladies, you better believe you can pout your way to the top instead! If you prefer to keep things pretty off-duty and under the radar in the clothes department, but still wanna rock that stand-out look, bound to grab everyone’s attention – a bold lip is your new BFF! Punchy reds, vibrant corals and vivacious pinks have never brightened up those dark and cold mornings better! Have fun with your style, mix and match tones and never kiss and tell – your lip-smackingly luscious look depends on it.

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