All Your 90s Wardrobe Essentials

Getting back into the 90s trend can be tricky, you want to look like you’re pulling inspo from the rave decade without looking like you’ve come straight off an Atomic Kitten video. To help you bring some 2016 to your throwback look, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most killer items!

The Slip Dress

monday-11_1 monday-67 monday-7

Ahhh, the slip dress. We’ve been predicting this one for a while, and now it’s in full blown trend mode. There are so many ways to wear this dress, over a plain white tee for a very 90s effect, or on its own with some heels for a sexy night out look. We’re in love all over again.

Get them here.

The Choker

black-pearl-wrap-necklace-2 velvet-choker-2

The choker was all the rage in the 90s and we’re kinda glad it’s back! Throw one on, put on a dark lip colour and mess up your hair for a look so gorgeously grunge even Winona Ryder would be proud.

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The Crop Top

wednesday-25-28 monday-52 wednesday-25-20

Crop tops were a 90s staple that managed to remain popular all through the naughties, right up until now! No throwback outfit would be complete without one and there are so many styles to choose from. We can’t even remember how to tuck things in anymore!

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The Docs

dr.-martens-1460-boot-black-noir-nappa 12547133_1695411497372361_339933201_n

Docs are the shoe that became legend, icons of the 90s and in every grunge girl’s wardrobe. They give any outfit a bit of a cool girl vibe and are so comfortable and durable they’ll see you through thick and thin, Splendour and Falls.

Get them here.

The Corduroy Skirt

pink-bb-cord-skirt-1 navy-cord-bb-skirt-1 maroon-cord-skirt-1_1

This skirt combines two of our favourite decades (the 70s and 90s) but somehow still has a modern edge. We remember wearing these with docs and crops and TBH, would probably do the same now!

Get it here.

The Distressed Jeans


Ripped jeans were to Nirvana what makeup is to Kylie. Anyone who grew up with a love of grunge has worn and torn their favourite jeans, only to grow more attached as the holes grew bigger. It turns out not much has changed since the 90s because we still feel same way, perhaps just in a slimmer silhouette.

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