Festival Makeup: Shine Bright & Layer That Glitter!

Love sparkles, but don’t know how to rock them? It’s time to unleash your inner glitter queen! We’ve got a simple glitter look you can do in 5 minutes for your next festival adventure that’ll leave you looking (and feeling) like a mermaid.


  • Base: foundation, sunscreen, or bare skin with a primer.
  • Lipgloss
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Glitter face paint (from craft stores) OR glitter and a sticky base: like lipgloss or vaseline
  • Lots of glitter (we used: iridescent, blue, silver, gold and pink)
  • Tweezers
  • Stick on diamontes
  • Your makeup essentials! We use Stefan’s makeup.


  1. Get your base covered. Foundation, sunscreen or bare skin with a primer. Whatever your most comfortable with! Keep in mind the weather. Festivals in summer can get sticky and in winter can get rainy.
  2. Do the rest of your usual makeup – blush or contouring if you’ve got mad skills.
  3. Use your glitter face paint (or vaseline/lipgloss) to make half moon shapes around your eyes, then add in a triangle shape on your forehead.
  4. It’s time to get glittery! To get this magical mermaid effect, we’re going to layer our glitter! We used a white/iridescent colour for the base, then added blue and silver on top, gold on the outer edges, and pink glitter to the inner edges.
  5.  Next, use your tweezers to add diamontes to your face! If you need some ideas, sticking them along your brow is always a winner. But feel free to get creative!
  6. Now do you favourite eyeliner (we can’t resist the classic winged look) and add mascara.
  7. Pop on some lipgloss and you’re ready to go!


Being such a bright and fun look, feel free to match it with bright and bubbly outfits! The crazier, the better… otherwise if you prefer your regular festival look, a cute playsuit, boots and a hat will always look amazing!


Have you got your festival outfit sorted? Check out all our festival looks here!

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