Tips For Dressing Like a Fashion Week Pro

For those of you lucky enough to nab tickets to the most exclusive event on our fashion calendar, we’re eternally envious! But for those of you who didn’t quite get the memo, let’s break it down for you…two words: Fashion Week. A seven-day-long party, filled with a sea of brightly-coloured bodies, flashing lights, free-flowing champagne, front row seats and exclusive goodie bags. A holy sanctum where stylish bodies congregate and tower above us shorties, all eager to catch a glimpse of the newest designer prodigy. What can only be described as a style Mecca or some kind of promised land, Fashion Week conjures up visions of eclectic fashion gurus, light shows and theatrical spectacles. It pays to mention the event is indefinitely the ‘It’ place for anyone who is anyone.


With an array of fashion-forward bloggers, gorgeous models, media moguls and glamorous designers, all in turn excited to peer into the future of the newest and hottest ready-to-wear trends, it gives us everyday folk a chance to show off our glad rags – way before anyone else has had a chance to! With the carefully curated, “thrown-together” look dominating the grounds of every Fashion Week, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it, that’s set to score extra style points with your fashion clique.

Outside Grounds: Go Big Or Go Home


Ready for your close-up? This is where the money shot is! Fashion photographers are prone to prowling the grounds outside the main event, and media reporters are looking for the best. Yep, this is your chance to shine, girlfriend! Whilst black may work for your daily wardrobe it won’t get you noticed at Fashion Week. We’re thinking bright hues of orange, red, cobalt and fuchsia (together won’t be frowned upon here) – the louder the better! If you’ve yet to adopt the go big, or go home mantra – this one should be written down and repeated ‘til you’ve nailed it!

Don’t just stick to slim-fit items, choose garments that’ll accentuate and over-dramatise your figure. Powerful shoulders, billowing sleeves, layers of outerwear and stacked jewellery will emphasise your debut Fashion Week look. Choose outfits that aren’t specifically weather dependent, so your expose doesn’t turn into a faux-pas. That means packing an extra hat, a scarf that can double as a ran shield or bringing a good old brolly – nobody likes ruining brand-new suede loafers.

Lounge: Co-ordinating


For the ladies hanging out, sipping on a San Pellegrino in the lounge, this is your best chance to spot what all the other fashionistas are rockin’! Wanna get everybody talking? We’re all about creating masterpiece collaborations between you and your bestie! That’s right, co-ordinating with your BFF will no doubt be the talking point of the event. Planning is key, so dedicate a good amount of time to ensuring you can pull this off! It’s all down to the finer details; match statement jewellery, or rock complimentary pastel shades of pinks and lilacs. Be brave and mix prints such as plaid and stripes, compliment each other’s fabrics with a faux-fur ensemble, or how about going totally out there and working a theme (no, don’t even think about resurfacing that old Halloween costume.) We’re imagining a take on the futuristic, with silver metal detailing, mesh fabric, structured shapes and dramatic eyeliner. With a move so bold, the spotlight will be on you before we’ve even seen the main show! #Twinning!

Front Row: Start A Trend


Scored those elusive front row seats? We’re not sure how, but you go Glen Coco! With all eyes on you, the cameras are bound to pick up on your ensemble. Whilst you may be all about keeping up with the trends, Fashion Week is about starting a trend. Stay away from items that will be deemed irrelevant in a month or two to come. In terms of putting together your own eclectic trend, anything goes in the arena, and staying at the peak of your fashion game all comes down to this moment. Revive some of your mum’s vintage dresses – circa 1985, customise the old pieces hanging out at the back of your wardrobe with patches, or if everything you’ve tried on falls flat, you can always jazz up a little number with on-point accessories, loose fabric, beads, sequins or textures! Do something crazy, unexpected and be proud of it. And it’s not just about the front row – there’s plenty of room at the back, for fashion works of art! Just think in a year from now, you don’t want to resort to burning old pictures, all because you’re haunted by the Ghost of Fashion Week’s Past…

After Party: Go On A Power Trip


So you’re headed to the exclusive after party, but don’t have an invite – we’ve got faith in you! If you didn’t need them before, you’re going to want them now. Heels are every girl’s must-have secret to earning extra points. If you can bear it, go for the tallest you can manage! Not only will they give great shape and length to your legs (a plus, right?) but they work as a powerful tool to gaining extra authority (or an access all areas pass!) Why else would girl bosses rock them in the office?! Pair that with the most unique and eye-catching accessory in your drawer, and you’ve got an out of this world, Fashion Week look of galactic proportions! Decadent earrings with all the trimmings, statement logo clutches, and headpieces to rival even the biggest race-day winners will turn your Fashion Week look from show-goer, to star-studded VIP! It’s safe to say in this instance, let your accessories speak louder than words!

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