5 Minute Festival Makeup: Rock N Roll

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and channel your inner wild child this festival season. Here’s one wild look that is super easy to do (but you can totally add more too if you’re a makeup whizz) and won’t take more than 5 minutes! Easy festival makeup – now that’s what we’re talking about!


  • Base: foundation, sunscreen, or bare skin with a primer.
  • Red or orange lipstick
  • White/metallic eyeliner or face paint
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Your makeup essentials! We use Stefan’s makeup.


  1. Get your base covered. Foundation, sunscreen or bare skin with a primer. Whatever your most comfortable with! Keep in mind the weather. Festivals in summer can get sticky and in winter can get rainy.
  2. It’s time to add some structure to your cheeks. Blush them up gf!
  3. Grab your white or metallic eyeliner and apply to the lid. You can do a single or double flick, depending how bold you like to go. An angled brush will help you get the perfect flick!
  4. Mascara timeee! Make those peepers pop.
  5. And finally, just add lippy! Festivals can be a bit messy, so we recommend a long lasting lipstick like Jeffree Star (that won’t come off when you eat or drink).

Note: you don’t just have to try this colour combo! Mix it up with a metallic eyeliner a matching lip that pops.


This look is super edgy. Pair it with a slip dress, biker jacket and docs for a badass rock n’ roll inspired look.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.34.40 pm

Have you got your festival outfit sorted? Check out all our festival looks here!

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