Easy Festival Makeup: Star Crossed Lover

Festivals are the perfect time to let your inner creative go wild. You can wear what you want, dance like a mad woman and best of all, add some glitter to your face (our favourite part)! Festival makeup can be tricky, it’s hard to perfect your winged eyeliner when you’re using the surface of a spoon as a mirror!  We feel you. So here’s the solution: easy, 5-minute festival makeup you can do with your fingers!

With this look, we’re channeling our inner fairy. The makeup is minimal, and it’s all about that subtle shine, perfect for that ethereal fairy festival vibe. Watch the vid and check out the full instructions below.

What you need:

  • Base: foundation, sunscreen, or bare skin with a primer.
  • Lipgloss
  • A metallic eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Glitter face glue OR glitter and a sticky base: like lipgloss or vaseline
  • Silver star sequins
  • Your makeup essentials! We use Stefan’s makeup.

How to do it:

  1. Get your base covered. Foundation, sunscreen or bare skin with a primer. Whatever your most comfortable with! Keep in mind the weather. Festivals in summer can get sticky and in winter can get rainy.
  2. It’s time to add some shine to those cheeks! If you don’t want to take your highlighter, run your lipgloss along your cheekbone and blend for instant shine!
  3. Grab your eyeshadow, and apply over the lid. Get as fancy or as basic as you like. Our favourite colours for this look are metallic – think gold, bronze or silver!
  4. Glitter time! If you don’t have glitter face glue (available from most craft shops in the face paint section) you can grab your trusty lip-gloss, apply over and around the eye, sprinkling glitter over the top.
  5. Now you’re ready for the stars. Apply a sticky base to the sequins (lip-gloss or glitter face glue) and add the sequins one at a time to your desired pattern.
  6. Plump those lashes with your favourite mascara!
  7. Lipgloss (handy, right?!) – add some extra shine to your lips.
  8. Accessorize!

Wear with:

This look is super versatile. Soft waves or a slicked back bun would suit it equally! Finish the look with a gorgeous slip dress or playsuit and if you’d like something a little more edgy, add a choker necklace or silver accessories.


Have you got your festival outfit sorted? Check out all our festival looks here!

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