How To Quit Your Job & Travel The World

Have you ever wanted to quit your job and travel the world? Ever dreamed of constant adventure, new countries, food, and culture? Tegan Phillipa, a 27-year-old model/travel enthusiast/waitress/sales assistant/all-around babe from Newcastle did, until one day her and her partner Nathan decided to stop dreaming and actually did something about it. What followed was a year of strict budgeting, 8 months of adventure, and Insta accounts that look like they’re straight out of a travel mag (which you should totally follow). And they’re not going to stopping there. Off to South East Asia in a matter of months, we can’t help but wonder how they do it, and most importantly, how can we?!

Get to know Tegan with us, check out her top 5 travel tips, and start planning an adventure of your own…


Please introduce yourself!

My name is Tegan Phillipa and I’m a 27-year-old model/travel enthusiast whom also happens to be a pretty damn good Waitress/Sales Assistant haha. I love Nathan, travel, glitter, unicorns, family, friends, styling and just trying to be the best version of me that I can possibly be.

What made you decide to quit your job and go travelling?

My boyfriend is very supportive and adventurous and really helps to release and feed my inner child. We had been talking about exploring the world for a while and one night after watching ‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” we had a moment of “Well, what are we waiting for?” So a few days later we had booked half our trip! We planned out the first 6 months, booked a one-way ticket, worked 2 jobs each for a year, saved, sold everything we owned, quit our jobs and went! Best decision of my life.


What was your favourite place to visit on your travels?

This is one of the hardest questions I get asked a lot. Each Country is so special and unique in its own way but if I really had to pick one I would have to say its always been a dream to go to Egypt. The history is just so so incredible, there is nothing I can compare it too. I had tears in my eyes when I walked into the Tomb of Tutankhamun in The Valley Of The Kings, I still cannot shake the image of the Abu Simbel Temples out of my head, sailing down the Nile in a traditional Felucca or simply standing at the base of Pyramids of Giza. It really takes your breath away.

How did you say so darn stylish on your trip? What did you decide to pack?

Haha, thank you! My biggest fear: WHAT TO WEAR! It was tricky packing! We had to cater for extreme heat and extreme chills. I had to pack smart, so my suitcase had necessities like denim shorts, onesie swimmers that could also be used as tops, kaftans for covering in the Middle East or in Religious buildings in Europe, Light but warm jackets in the freezing cold climates, lots of little basic crops that I could throw on in the Euro summer but layer up in the New York winter wonderland! My essentials shoes were doc Martin Boots, Cons & Birkenstocks. If I bought an item of clothing I would then have to throw something out! Tough times haha!


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Just Do It!

You can spend your entire life worrying about the future but all that really truly matters is living in the now and what is happening right here in the moment. Sometimes you need to close your eyes and take a huge leap, I did so many things I never thought I could do and I am so grateful I had my other half encouraging me along the way.

Take It In

Sometimes you really need to stop and pinch yourself to take it all in. I can remember so clearly waking up at 4am in Cappadocia, Turkey to a chilly 5 degrees, hiking out to the ancient Fairy Chimney’s and running around for hours and hours laughing, singing, running and watching the sunrise whilst hundreds of Hot Air balloons were swooping above and around us. I really had to stop, close my eyes, look around and just take it all in. I live for those moments.


Camera, Camera, Camera

I used my Cannon Digital SLR while my partner used a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. The world is full of beautiful things that are too incredible not to capture, it’s so amazing to look back on a photo or video of a moment in time and really take yourself back.


Be the ultimate scab! We had the TINIEST budget for food / accommodation / transport each day and with me being allergic to gluten this made the budget extremely tough. We always carried a bowl, knife and plate with us everyday lived off oats, corn flakes, rice crackers, salad & fruit. For people with no allergies, there are plenty of other cheap alternatives with street food like $1 slices of pizza in Italy. We also found AirBnB was much cheaper and more comfortable for 2 people then hostels.


Research And Get Lost

I don’t mean plan every moment of your trip but do some research on the town your visiting and make sure you get to see what it has to offer! Get out of your comfort zone and really immerse yourself in the culture! The best way to do this is by getting lost. We really tried our best to go through all of the back streets in all of the cities whether it be meeting the local kids playing in the streets of Istanbul or asking a local Greek man where the best Kebabs are whilst be lost amongst the gorgeous white streets of Paros. It really adds to the adventure!

Are you just as inspired by this babe as we are? Follow Tegan’s adventures on Instagram or on her website.



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  2. Skye

    How long did you save for, what job where you doing to save for you trip?, I’m so keen to start my adventure I’m only 20 and can’t wait just need a few tips !

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