Your Guide To Denim Through The Decades

In 1969, a writer for American Fabrics magazine declared, “Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young.”

And it’s not hard to tell why. Denim has been worn by icons and the fashionable for decades. Rock stars with their ripped jeans, hippies with flares, James Dean in a denim jacket, denim shirts, denim dresses, overalls and dungarees… all of which are now a staple part of everyone’s wardrobe. Denim has always influenced styles of the decade, music, culture, and has always been a symbol of cool.

Check out some of our favourite denim trends through the decades, and see which legendary looks you can still rock today!

The 60s & 70s

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Hey there, flower child! The 60s & 70s were a time of change, protest and feel-good vibes. Here was the rise of the flares and “rebellious” denim jacket worn by rock stars and movie stars. Lucky for us, the 70s is making a comeback, with cute fitted retro striped tees, boho printed tops and dress and of course, flared everything!

How to pull it off: Boho babes will naturally fall in love with the 70s look. A denim jacket over a dress, or a flares with a crochet top will be perfect from beach trip to festival. But if you’re more of a modern gal, give your look a 70s twist with some tan wedges, flared jeans and a chic cami for a new modern classic.

The 80s



When it comes to the 80s – the bigger, the better! It was oversized everything. Oversized denim jacket were huge, and acid bleached denim became the iconic denim colour of choice with the rise of hip-hop and punk music.

How to pull it off: Good news – you can pretty much guarantee the oversized denim jacket will never go out of style. It’s perfect in winter for layering, adding badges and patches to, or rolling up the sleeves. When it comes to bleached denim, go easy! Start with denim shorts to mix and match with your tops and tees.

The 90s



For some reason, when it came to the 90s, mum’s all around the world decide to relive their denim years and rock the high waisted, slightly baggy with a fitted leg jeans. Seriously, it because the mum uniform of the decade. Hence, they became Mom jeans! (Yes, that’s the American spelling.) On the opposite side of things, teenagers were listening to grunge and shredding their jeans to bits to embody the “don’t care” attitude.

How to pull it off: Mom jeans are trending right now. And good new is, there are some sweet modern designs available so you don’t have to borrow your mum’s old pair! They look totally rad with a pair of slide sandals, a vintage belt and a cute crop for a cute retro day look. Go for a pair with small rips in the knees for a cool clashing of the styles.

The 00s


Not so long ago, jeans suddenly got smaller, and smaller… until they eventually became like a second skin and were affectionately dubbed “skinnies”. Brands started playing with new colours of denim, so that girls and guys could rock just about any colour. Thankfully, white denim was the colour that didn’t fall off the trend waggon and is here to stay!

How to wear it: Well, you’ve probably already got some! Skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple. They go with just about everything! Try something a little bolder like white denim (it’s not as scary as it sounds). We love white skinnies with denim button-ups and sneakers, or a white denim jacket over your favourite floral dress and tan ankle boots. Both are a modern day look that embodies chic!

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