How To Survive the Semester On A Budget (And Look Good)

Oh, the student life! It’s a glorious combination of freedom, cramming, 2-minute noodles and drink specials. Yep, it really is a rite of passage! We challenge you this year NOT to fall into the student trap: you know, getting all excited, losing all motivation, giving up hope… no! This year we want you to survive the semester like the girl boss you are – all within budget and looking mighty fine! Sounds good, right?

Trust us, it’s easy…


Get Your Key Wardrobe Pieces Sorted

You know the ancient female proverb: “nothing to wear, no room for all the clothes”? Yep, it’s time to start shopping a little smarter. What you need is key wardrobe pieces you’ll wear all the time and can mix and match throughout the year. That way, you’ll get more bang for your buck and even have extra moolah left over for pizza! Start with the basics: a versatile dress, some good denim, basics tops and a couple of great pairs of shoes. Every time you make a purchase through the year you should have this in mind: where will I wear this? What can I wear it with? If you can think of a couple of great occasions and combos, you’re onto a winner. Get the full rundown here.


Give Yourself A Regular Social Media Break

There’s no place quite as tempting as the social media world. It’s easy to end up mindlessly scrolling through your feed, doing a Buzzfeed quiz to see what kind of pizza you are (Pepperoni, just FYI) or being tempted by shops and their super cute outfits on display (we’re guilty of that one). Schedule at least one hour per day (or more, if you can) where you put your phone in Aeroplane Mode or turn off your notifications altogether. Now, get something done! Study, read, or just do you. It’ll feel good, trust us!


Keep Yourself Healthy – Eat That Chocolate!

You read correctly. You hereby have our permission to eat all the chocolate… as long as it’s the healthy kind. And eating healthy doesn’t have to be a boring! Lucky for you, we’ve got a stack of amazing recipes that are delicious and nutritious, budget friendly and packed full of energy so that you might actually feel motivated to study… (shocking, right?!) Try the Healthy Berry Smoothie Bowl for brekkie, Rice Paper Wraps for lunch or some Raw Bounty Bars to cure that chocolate craving.


Subscribe To Student Discount Websites

Pretty much everything on earth is available for a student discount… if only you know where to look! Sites like UNiDAYs are perfect for all your online shopping needs, specialising in ongoing student discounts for all your favourite stores. All you need to do is sign up! (And yep, you can definitely get a storewide BB discount just here). For everything else, hit up that Google search bar for savings galore.


Treat Yo’self… Once In A While

Dreaming of that super exxy (yet totally dreamy) pair of heels? Or that super sleek leather wallet? Once you start kicking those goals, it’s good to reward yourself for your hard work! As long as you budget for them, give yourself full permission to treat yo’self once your milestone is achieved. Best of all, with amazing student-friendly payment options like Afterpay (now available at BB) you can pay off your purchase in installments. Good for your wallet, great for your budget. Aw yeah!


We feel you, students. Take 10% off errything at BB all the time with Unidays! Sign up here.

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