Student Style: Rock 1 Dress, 4 Ways!

Ahhh, the student life. You’ve never felt more freedom… and yet never been so poor in your whole life. And that totally sucks when you want to switch things up in your wardrobe! Never fear, ladies. We’ve got a genius video to inspire you. Press play and watch to get some inspiration about how to accessorise and rock your favourite dress 4 ways: party, dressy, corporate and casual.

Yep, it’ll feel awesome every time.

Party: lace up stilettos, a killer clutch, statement earrings and a pop of lippy.
Dressy: a chunky heel, oversize clutch, stacked accessories, statement sunnies.
Corporate: ankle boots, a chic tote, sleek ponytail and some dainty accessories.
Casual: boots, a leather-look backpack, and a messy bun.

Cheat sheet:

  1. Start with a shift dress shape – these are versatile and comfortable.
  2. Choose a neutral colour or a pattern that goes with everything – like stripes or floral. That’ll make it easy to layer and match.
  3. Consider the fabric – do you love the feel of cotton? Or something silky? If you’re wearing something heaps – you want to make sure it’s perfect!

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