Valentines Day: the BB office dishes their plans!

Single, tied up or ruler of a girl gang – these BB boss ladies dish on their V-Day plans for this year plus their top outfit picks! And don’t worry, you are totally allowed to steal their ideas…


Courtney – Production Assistant

My boyfriend and I are heading away for the weekend. We will celebrate at a nice restaurant with lots of yummy food and champagne! I don’t have an outfit planned yet. But I always tend to turn to a cute LBD styled with heels and glam hair and makeup of course!

Courtney’s date pick: Akila Dress Black


Natalie – PR Coordinator

I’ve planned a weekend away with my closest (and also single) girlfriends– my V-Day will be spent drinking too much wine, eating good food and laying on the beach. Black bikini, loose shorts and an oversized tee are my go-to for casual beach-side style.

Nat’s date picks: Hater Tee + 9.0 Swim Capri Bikini Set + The Fifth Waterfront Denim Shorts


Alana – Office Administrator

This Valentines Day I will most likely be going out for dinner with my bestie, eating ice cream and watching movies on the couch.

Alana’s date picks: Call The Shots Jumpsuit or Lori Dress


Sarah – Director & Founder

I will actually be on a plane to Holland – thinking sexy tracksuit pants, runners and a loose tee plus 2-day breath.  The hottest.

Sarah’s, er, plane ride picks: Found Basics tee and shorts + Le Lune Hustle Sunglasses


Mish – Customer Service Manager

Taking our lovechild/furbaby Frankie the silly sausage to the dog park with my partner in crime/husband Liam and then going to get take out! My go-to outfit would be an A-line dress, scarf and sandals or a printed tee, shorts, and my sky dunk Nikes. And aviators – always aviators at the moment.

Mish’s date picks: Deviate Dress + Lipstik Wraping Sandals

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