Your Ultimate Hangover Day Recovery Plan

Okay… did you go a little too hard last night? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Let your hungover little head rest easy, we’ve got your recovery routine ready! Read on, ladies…

First Up, Cleanse!

It’s time to put some nutrients back in your body! As tempting as the Maccas drive through is, what your body is really craving is some good old fashioned vitamins and minerals. We recommend trying this healthy berry smoothie bowl or raspberry ripple bars for easy recipes that’ll make you feel good, inside out!


Hit Up A Pool

Haul your butt out of bed and get into that pool, stat! The water will be super refreshing and it’ll be the perfect excuse to get a tan and show off your new bikini while you’re lying there hating life. Don’t have a new bikini? Here are some gorgeous bikini’s you can shop poolside AND hungover (trust us, it’s a good decision).


Feel The Breeze In A Loose Dress

Summer dresses are the best. Your perfect piece should be lightweight, easy to pair with some sandals or shades and in your favourite kind of print. Boho styles are the best ‘coz they’re nice and flowy. Get one of these bad boys in your wardrobe so you won’t feel so bad next time you’ve got a rager. And that way, you’ll know you’ll get heaps of wear from it (hehe).


Throw Some Shade

Let’s face it, nobody likes a face full of harsh sunlight when you can barely move. Especially when you’re trying to convince the world you’re actually not as hungover as you really are. Fool ’em with style, girls! Get shades so bright nobody will even notice you haven’t left the couch all day.


Chill, chill and more chill

They call it Netflix & chill for a reason… because it requires zero effort! Best shows to check out right now: Buffy the Vampire Slayer for your 90s fix, Master of None for quality lols, or Making a Murderer for documentary buffs.


Good luck!

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