How To Have The Best Australia Day Ever

When it comes to national holidays, there’s none quite as unique as Australia’s. What other country celebrates the day by listening to a music countdown, dressed in nothing but togs, abbreviating words like there’s no tomorrow and drinking from tinnies? Check out or video below to make sure you’re prepped for your best Australia Day yet!

An Inflatable pool toy

Why you need it: Um, besides being totally Instagram-worthy, and inflatable pool toy is guaranteed fun, and perfect for lazing on! And who doesn’t want to say they own a giant gold swan?

A sizzling bikini + towel combo

Why you need them: Besides the obvious (water, yo), bikini’s have taken a 90s twist so there’s a million amazing shapes and prints to choose from! Plus, these The Beach People towels are perfect for lazing on (with a little extra room) and they can totally double as a picnic blanket.

That perfect day to night dress

Why you need it: Who says the party stops during the day? An effortless dress during the day is just a shoe swap and a dab of lippy away from dance floor goddess at night. You’ll instantly feel like a million bucks! We’ve got some pieces you’ll want to show off here.

Keep it shady, lady

Why you need them: Because sun protection is cool! And now stylish, with these hats and bright statement sunnies from Quay.

Feeling super inspired? Get your ultimate Straya Day items here! Perfect all summer long.


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