Top 10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer

When it comes to skin, it’s all about YOLO – you only get one! We asked our best babes at Dermalogica to give us some great tips for how to protect our skin during one of the toughest seasons, summer. Read on for some expert advice!


Summer can pay its toll on your skin causing increased dehydration, mottled, pigmented skin, increased sensitivity and of course, if the skin is not protected properly, premature ageing. My 10 top tips to maintain a healthy, radiant skin through summer are;

1. Take Some “Me Time”
Take a bit of extra time each day to thoroughly cleanse your skin. A good cleanser will remove sunscreen, excess oils, makeup and dirt. I’d recommend 
using a cleansing oil for the first cleanse they super charge your cleansing routine. Since you can experience more congestion and breakouts in summer, try a clay based cleanser, these can also double up as a mini mask by leaving it on for 5 minutes before removal. Clays draw out the impurities and absorb excess oil, hence you could also consider using a clay based masque refining mask, 2-3 times per week.

2. Keep Hydrated
To tackle the dehydration and fine lines, simply top up the skin’s moisture levels with products 
(spritz toners, hydrating boosters, hydrating masks) that contain Hyaluronic Acid, a great ingredient that can hold a 1,000 times its own weight in moisture. Then seal the moisture with a moisturiser (preferably with an SPF of 30+) that also repairs the skin’s natural barrier and prevents any more vital moisture escaping There is also a tendency to think you don’t need a moisturiser in summer if your skin is oily, not true. Choose a light weight, oil free moisturisers that has a mattifying effect, perhaps even one that is tinted so it will also double up as your make-up base.

3. Down Size
Carry a travel size spritz toner in your handbag and give your skin a hydration boost every hour or so.

4. In This Case…. You Do Want Scrubs!
Pick up exfoliation to two to three times per week either with a physical e.g. a scrub or chemical e.g. Hydroxy Acid product. A fantastic skin polisher that’s super gentle and can be used on ‘non-exfoliating’ days is 
a microfoliant, gives the skin a super smooth texture without causing any sensitivity.

5. Chill!!!
Pop your products in the fridge so they are refreshingly cool on application. Your spritz toner and a cool hydrating gel masque are great to apply when you get home after a hot sticky day. You may also want to keep your after sun gel in there too!

6. Keep Yourself Healthy
Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies. Have lots of iced green or white tea and berry juices which are packed with antioxidants (make sure there’s plenty in your skin care too). Summer fruits are life savers; Raspberries, Strawberries (even the ones in your Champagne) and Blueberries all help fight free radicals and support the micro-circulation of the skin.

7. Don’t Get Too Much Sun
If you get caught out and have too much sun it can be partially repaired by using after sun products that contain Japanese Elder, an amazing ingredient that can help reverse the damage done to the DNA in the skin cell.

8. Pick Me Up
For an incredible skin pick me up on a hot summer’s day, soak a facial cloth in cold water with a few drops of essential oil (for sensitive and dry skin use: Chamomile, Sandalwood, Geranium or Neroli; for oily skin use lavender, lemon, juniper and bergamot), squeeze out the excess water, roll up and keep in a plastic bag in the fridge ready to revive a hot tired skin.

9. Avoid Fragrance
To avoid blotchy, pigmented skin avoid using products with artificial fragrance which can react with the UV rays (photo sensitivity).

10. Slip Slop Slap!
If you have oily skin and prone to breakouts  and wary of using sunscreens; when choosing your sunscreen simply check a) it’s non-comedogenic (won’t’ cause congestion and breakouts) 2) fragrance free (won’t cause hyper pigmentation and sensitivity and 3) it is an oil free formula (won’t feel oily, heavy or sticky).  There is an array to choose from!

By Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica


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