5 Ways To Use A Diary To Get Sh*t Done!

Have you ever bought yourself a diary only to abandon it a week later? Don’t even know what a diary is? Disorganised people, rejoice! We have 5 easy tips for you to get motivated and use a diary to work for you! Make those dreams happen, now!

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Create Your Goals

What do you want to achieve this year? Save for a car? Start a business? Eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting (hey, no judgement here)? Write your goals at the top of a page and if you have a time you’d like to achieve that by, include that too. And you can totally have move than one! Your next step is to create a list of steps you need to do in order to make this goal happen. This is your micro list of small, achievable goals that are working towards your main goals to make those dreams happen. And trust us, checking off these little steps feels so.damn.good. For example, if your goal is “Save for an overseas holiday”, then you could break it down into these steps:

  1. Set up an external bank account
  2. Set up an automatic transfer of $100 every pay day
  3. Babysit the neighbour’s kids on Saturday for extra cash
  4. Sell clothes online
  5. And so on…

All you’ve got to do now is take it one step at a time! Pencil your first step into your diary and you’re on the way to get sh*t done!


Now your dreams are scheduled – it’s time to plan your day. Do the things the suck the most first or that take the most time. Create a ‘To-Do’ list and get them out of the way while you’re productive and have energy. Once you get these out of the way, you’ll feel so much better and ready to tackle the things you will actually enjoy doing or the least strenuous tasks. Remember to take a lunch break and get away from your desk and do something completely different – like reading, drawing, or relaxing. Got a long task ahead? Give yourself regular, short breaks. And NO social media!

Colour Code

If you’re a visual person or all this writing looks a little overwhelming – then let the colours of the rainbow soothe your soul. We LOVE colour coding – not only is it pretty but it can help you easily distinguish the type of activity or task you have to do in the day. You can buy a pack of highlighters or gel pens or sticky notes – whichever you prefer – and use this to write or highlight the category of the task for the day. For example, use green for finances, purple for social events, blue for work or uni. It’ll also be easy for you to tell if there’s too much of something going on too. So if your week is looking all blue – put some purple in there, girl! Give yourself a break and catch up with a friend.

Take Action!

So you’ve written everything down and you feel organised. Here comes the hardest part – actually doing it! But don’t worry, if you’ve followed these steps, broken your goals down and prioritized this should be easy and not too overwhelming. It’s all about those small victories to keep you motivated toward your goal so celebrate them. If you’ve got to give yourself an hour for study on Thursday because your goal is to ace your semester at uni, then DO IT. If you gotta make your lunches (instead of buying them) because you’re saving for something spesh then DO IT. Need some extra motivation? Make an inspo board of what your end goal will look like. Follow Instagram accounts that remind you daily of your end goal is. Surround yourself with motivating quotes. You got this!

Check Yo’self

Check up on your progress weekly by giving yourself an afternoon to make sure you’re still kicking those goals in the butt! Sit down, reflect, eat a choccie and make sure your dreams are still on track. Review your main goals every 6 months to make sure you still want to achieve these and see how far you’ve come. Don’t be afraid to change things up if they aren’t working for you, and remember it’s totally okay to give yourself a break every now and then. Check yo’self before you wreck yourself, girlfriend.


Feeling super inspired? Check out these Mi Goals diaries – perfect for starting your journey to get sh*t done!

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