Ten Realistic New Years Resolutions You Can Definitely Do

We’ve all been there: “new year, new me!”. You promise yourself next year will be your year, and it’ll be bigger than ever. You’re going to start a clean, healthy lifestyle and everything will be great… until you find yourself lining up for a Macca’s breakfast feast on January 2. And hey – that’s okay! Life isn’t meant to be perfect, and if you want to start turning things around, it takes baby steps. That’s why we’ve come up with some good ideas for some resolutions you can realistically work towards, without the guilt. Super simple, and who knows? They could lead to bigger and better things.


Be kinder to yourself

A lot of people make their New Years resolutions with the intention of bettering themselves – “eat better”, “lose 10kgs”, “work harder at this”, “be better at that”. While it’s good to have goals, we can be incredibly hard on ourselves. You’re human after all, so make sure you always be kind to yourself. It’s as easy as printing off a positive affirmation, sticking it to your bathroom mirror and repeating it to yourself every morning. We love this one: “I am enough“. Because nobody is perfect, and you shouldn’t waste your time striving to be something you’re not. Give yourself more props, girl!



Save 10% of your earnings

I always set the intention of “I will save more money”, only to um, never actually do it. This is a vague goal to have, so you need to give yourself a specific target to work towards. Set up an external bank account, and have 10% (or however much you think necessary) of your wage deposited (or better yet, automatically transferred) into it each payday. You won’t even realise it’s happening! Aw yeah, accidentally saving.



Declutter your wardrobe

You know the age old girl problem: nothing to wear, no room for all the clothes. Do you even know what you own anymore?! It’s time to sort your wardrobe situation out. Do a mass cull, or better yet, create a seasonal wardrobe and donate or throw away any old items that simply aren’t working anymore. We love these blogs: Into Mind and Unfancy for awesome advice on how to create your own stylish, practical and budget wardrobe.



Spend less time on social media

Have you ever found yourself zoning out and scrolling through your news feed purely because you were bored? Procrastinated by doing a Buzzfeed quiz to see what type of pizza you are? Maybe it’s time to implement a “social media free Sunday” plan into your life. This means taking a break from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more for the day. Turn off those notifications! You can be less dramatic – take the morning off, the afternoon off, or even an hour if you’re seriously addicted. The most important part is you schedule a time where you switch off, pick up a book, go for a walk, or take a nap (we love a good nap) and invest in some you time.



Smile more

We get bombarded with “do things that make you happy” type of quotes all the time, but doing yoga at 5am and making a ‘I’m thankful for…’ list can be exhausting. Smiling releases dopamine (the chemical that makes you happy) in your brain so you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel! It’s as easy as smiling when you pass strangers on the street, or making sure you give a cheery ‘hello!’ to your work buddies in the morning. Fake it till you make it, girls.



Spend more time with yourself

Get to know yourself – what are your likes and interests? What do you want to know more about? And we don’t mean Netflix & chill. Spend at least one afternoon or day doing something you like – just for you. Got a green thumb? Make yourself a little herb garden to tend to. Love adventure? Take a day trip by yourself with your camera and document along the way. Consider yourself a foodie? Whip yourself up an amazing (and healthy) recipe by our resident recipe maker here.



Use a calendar

Life is a lot less stressful when it’s a little more organised. A calendar is one of those adult things we laugh about when we’re younger until we’re bombarded with adult responsibility and actually need help sorting our lives out. Know the feel? Luckily, there’s literally a whole world out there for you to get organised with! Some people like to write things down as it helps them remember. Others prefer to just use their phone. Apps, diaries, books, desk calendars – whatever makes you feel excited about the day ahead and you will ACTUALLY use.



Drink more water

Apart from the obvious benefits of keeping regularly hydrated (fresh skin, toxin cleansing, combats fatigue), there’s something super awesome about knowing you’re doing right by your body. Treat yourself to a cute little desk water bottle for your work or study, or buy a neat water bottle that’ll slip right into your bag. That way, you can always keep track of how much you’re drinking each day. Aim for 1 – 2L a day and thank us when you feel amazing. Hydration is cool, yo.



Keep yourself healthy

In all respects. That means going for a walk one day, and treating yourself to a little chocolate on really bad days. Aim to eat well, at least most of the time, and always do things that make you happy. Talk to people when you feel like things aren’t right. Look out for you. Aim to check in with yourself once a day, ask yourself “how am I feeling?” and acknowledge all your emotions. We love keeping a journal, making healthy desserts, and spending time with friends. Or check out this wellness checklist if you need something to get started.



Give something back

There’s nothing quite as amazing as the feeling you get when you’ve helped someone else. It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort or time, either. If you’ve got a spare day in the month you could volunteer your time, or donate monthly to your favourite cause, or do a fun run with your best gals and raise money for a cause. Check out a full list of volunteer activities you can do in Australia here.


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