Happy Birthday Tay Tay 🎉

Our girl Taylor Swift turns the sweet ripe age of 26 on Sunday and we couldn’t be more blessed that she will be spending her birthday chillaxing with us here in Australia. She plans to have a ‘quite one’ this year, but we imagine that’s because she has been kicking up a storm with her Australian leg of the 1989 Tour for the past few weeks. Even the Queen of Pop needs a breather. So from the BB Team we wish you a very happy birthday and want to thank you for all the good times you’ve given us and for getting us through our break ups.

A few of us lucky BB girls had the chance to go to her Brisbane Show last weekend and just feel the need to share with you the awesomeness that was the 1989 Tour.

Twinkling lights. Endless Dancing. Tireless Singing. Frozen Apple Martinis. Christmas sure came early this year, and we have our favourite blonde-cat loving-booty shaking- pop star -squad leader to thank, miss Taylor Swift herself. With out a doubt she brought her A game to Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane over the weekend and we just cant shake the night off. We’re here to share our magical experience for any of you unlucky kids missed out. Disclaimer: No apology to be made for excessive lyric puns.

So first off lets make it clear that Swifty was F-(blank space)-ing flawless, as you might have already guessed. The girl is truly a professional performer and we love so much that she puts her heart and soul into her music and her fans. She had the crowd illuminated as she gifted us cool little light bracelets that flashed and changed colour each song. She charmed the crowds pants off with her little smiles and quips as she put it ‘I love being able to look out and see all of you.’ She made each of us (all 50,000) feel like we were our own pop stars as we were lit up in colourful style as we danced the night away.

The crowd was filled with the usual suspects, the die hard costumed up fans with home made signs #respect, the endearing mother and daughters pairs and last but not least, the boyfriends of the year who deserve an honorable mention for standing by baes side as she scream sung every word she knew (and didn’t) all night. Regardless if you were a die-hard fan or a chaperon for the evening, the girl from 1989 delivered a show that you couldn’t forget.

She took us through her most recent album 1989 with a few old classics like Love story and Trouble, and all of her most recent catchy hits including some of our favourites like Out Of The Woods and Widest Dreams. There was some serious girl power, girl lovin’ and girl everything (sorry boys) as Tay Tay included a series of video features with cameos from her A-List Celeb Besties including Cara Delevingne, Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez #squadgoals.

Every moment was insta-worthy with her epic light shows, fireworks and seriously cool back up dancers. Of course T Swizzle looked picture perfect all night with her fabulous costume changes as she rocked her usual combos, with little shorties, flashy bralettes, full length glitter suits – partnered with her signature red lips and killer blonde bob. The girl can seriously do no wrong.

Being no stranger Brisbane, with her first appearance dating back seven years ago, we can confidently say that she absolutely killed it on Saturday night. We were constantly wanting more after her last performance of Shake it Off, and are truly unsure if we will ever get that catchy song out of our heads. She made her fans wildest dreams come true (we weren’t kidding about the puns) the best way she knows how: simply being herself.

Until next time Birthday Girl. And again, Thank you for a girl-tastic evening.



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