Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make From Your Closet

Did you get a last minute Halloween party invitation? Totally blanking on what to wear? Had a costume fail? Or would you just rather not spend a fortune on one at all? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 4 Halloween costume ideas that are totally awesome and best of all, you can find most of these pieces in your wardrobe! Cha-ching. Hit up your local craft or discount store for the rest of your props and no one will suspect you just threw this together. Ready? Let’s get spooky!


From your closet: a black shift dress, a black or white collared shirt, boots
Bonus extras: red nail polish, a creepy accessory


From your closet: black party dress, black heels, statement sunnies, pearls
Bonus extras: black gloves, a cigarette holder


From your closet: a white playsuit or dress, gladiator sandals
Get crafty: wings, a halo


From your closet: a chambray top, denim shorts or jeans, sneakers, a red scarf, red lippy
Get crafty: “We can do it!” sign


Do you have any last minute costume ideas? Share your faves below!

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