How to wear hair extensions to a formal event

Formal season is upon us and whether you are going to a school formal, a wedding or a formal event for the festive season, you can easily dress up or down your outfit with how you style your locks.

The lovely ladies from ZALA, an online brand of hair extensions sent us a set of their Remy clip in hair extensions to style with a few different formal looks. These are the highest grade of real, human hair that gave our model soft, shiny and silky locks!

These are our top 3 ways to style hair extensions with a formal outfit:

1. Accessorise


We love a good evening dress that wows a crowd (Diyanti Maxi Dress Nude Shimmer we are looking at you!), but we love it even more when the dress is accompanied by the perfect accessory. Headpiece’s are a great addition to a formal outfit if a necklace or earrings just isn’t working. We love the Isabelle Diamanté Headpiece styled with some loose waves in a side pony.

2. Sweep to the side


If you can’t get that seamless transition with your hair and your extensions then a side pony is your new best friend! Loosely wave your hair and pull it in a side pony, leaving some strands around your face. If you are feeling a little creative you can wrap a section of your pony around where you tied it to hide the hair band, and make the whole look more seamless and polished. This hair style works well with a sleek, stunning and versatile style like the Zephyr Midi Dress Black.

3. Pull it back


If you want to make your formal look a little more casual or give it that boho charm, twist two front sections back and secure with a bobby pin. This is a great idea if you have shorter layers at the front to avoid them not blending in to the extensions. The Maharaj Maxi Dress Navy is paired perfectly with this hair style for a  formal look perfect for summer days.

Now that you know how to style hair extensions for a formal occasion, ZALA are giving us 1 set of Quadweft Clip in Hair Extensions to give away to one lucky reader! Of course a look wouldn’t be complete without the perfect outfit, so we are throwing in a $100 BB voucher to make this the best prize everrrr.


All you have to do is comment on this post with how you would style your ZALA hair extensions for a formal event. Winner will be drawn 23/10/15.


  1. Robin

    I would absolutely go for the second look you’ve showed. I love the side pony tail, i think it’s very ellegant and chique. I wanted to have long hair since i was a little kid, but my hair never grew taller than my shoulders, and if it did the ends looked very thin and ugly. I know some people who wear extensions and it looks so beautiful!! Would absolutely love to wear them too 😍


  2. Ana Alicia

    I’ve never worn extensions, but always wanted to try them!

    I have natural curly hair, and it’s semi thick. I recently choppe my hair off because of it breaking off due to atraightening it EVERY day!

    If I were to have extensions, I know for sure I’d using a 1.5″ curling wand to make long curls. I’d of course separate them by hand because often times when I do the same on my friends’ hair, it tangles on their natural hair.

    It gives it a more naturally look when separting by hand! I’d go for a light blonde. Almost platinum. I think it’s a beautiful color all year round and never gets old! Since it’s fall where I’m at and close to being winter, I’d wear burgundy lipstick or maybe nude.

    I’m thinking of a date kind of event. My kind of date is going out for dinner and then a walk, possibly a museum (I know, I know, sounds odd) but I love it. I’d probably wear a nude skater dress, if that’s what they’re called. Or a traditional black dress. Something that says I’m not trying to be sexy but look classy yet .. Make him feel more attracted to a simple look 🙂


  3. batsandbones3

    I would put my hair into an elegant half up, half down do. I would curl the lower half of my hair so it was in semi tight ringlet curls. For the up do I would leave a few stray strands around the front to frame my face and the rest would go up into a full braided twist. Toped of with a simole headpiece or flower.


  4. Emma Graham

    Hi guys, my formal is in November and I spent an enormous amount of money on the perfect dress that is sleek and elegant and with a low cut back. I would utilise the Zala hair extensions to add volume and have a curled updo inspired by Greek goddesses to contrast my lengthy blonde hair thanks to Zala and gunsmoke coloured dress. Thank you!!


  5. Jade

    To a formal event? Wearing Zala hair extensions have a purpose which is to show everyone how seriously long your hair is. I would personally part my hair and using a simple Hollywood curl technique, allow my hair to have the nicest brushed out waves. I’d keep it simple though, wearing highlighted or a one colour Zala hair extension. Keeping my hair simple but effective will allow me to accessories though. With a head piece from Zala hair extensions just to emphasise to everyone else how natural my hair looks!


  6. Analy Pocón Hernández

    I would definitely cut, bleach and dye them to a ugly green color to wear it like if I were an alien (?) just kidding 😀 I have your attention now ? jaja
    I would do a black to blond ombre look. For that I would use the zala ice queen platinum blonde clip in Hair Extensions 60#.
    Then I would dye them to a bright turquoise color. To style them i would curl them to make a perfect beachy wave look. I really like the wavy look but for a normal length the wavy style makes the hair look shorter. With the zala extensions it would look still long and thickness. Finally make a cascade braid with a rose braid to the right of the head. All that with a beauty jewelry for a finish like a princess.


  7. Taylah Jade

    I would keep it simple, I feel this look is easy to create and provides an elegant look. I would straighten my natural hair then straighten my Zala hair extensions, I would comb my hair from the roots at the crown of my head, I would then back brush my hair to add volume. Next I would smooth the top back with a fine-tooth comb and add a texture paste, once finished I would add a strong hold hairspray, I feel this look portrays sophistication and confidence, as the hair is off the face. You have to be bold to be able to wear something like this and Zala Hair Extensions would compliment this look!


  8. Nuria

    Formal events are the perfect occasions to show everyone your own beautiful Hair. Therefore I would definitely wear my new Zalas down and give myself gorgeous curls with a large barrel to create a lot of volume and texture to the hair. To give the style an unique touch I would additionally braid the front sections into two french fishtail braids and combine them in the back :)) I really hope to win this giveaway because I have always been dreaming of a own set of Zala hair extensions.


  9. Jazz

    For a formal event I would style my hair in a fancy updo. With a beautiful set of Zala extensions my hair would be full and thick enough to french braid the side parts and combine the hair in the back in a elegant, voluminous chignon. Than a headband that matches the color of my jewelry and the style is done.


  10. May

    First, I would do long loose waves to create gorgeous volume and thickness. Prepared this way I would go for a high and wonderful long ponytail and add some accent braids to finish the look:)


  11. Sarah

    I would do a sleek faux hawk. Tease the top and slick the sides and wear my hair with Zala hair extensions super straight. Something less traditional. An edgy but elegant look for a trendy girl. 🙂


  12. Sammy

    I think the Zala hair extensions would look beautiful in many different styles, they look so healthy and thick, not like many hair extensions I’ve had in the past from other companies, I dream of getting my hands on some Zala locks! I would personally wear the hair down and curled with curling tongs, it’s a great way to blend your own hair in with extensions and curls always look great! A bit of sea salt spray can make the curls look more beachy or you could leave them looking the classic way 🙂 my second choice would probably be a fishtail braid worn to the side, a great style for hair extensions as you can braid your own hair in with the extensions and there will be no signs of different lengths in your hair, a couple of loose curls left at the front and maybe a hair accessory would be perfect!


  13. Melanie S

    Personally for me I would give myself voluminous curls with a large curling barrel to give a lot of volume and oomph to the hair. But if the formal occasion was in really hot/humid weather I would opt for a voluminous messy bun and pull my natural hair forward around the bun to give volume and hide any of the extension connections to the head. If you cant get the natural hair to have volume at the roots to cover extension connection when doing a messy bun I would tease the sections underneath prior to pulling the hair up.


  14. Mary

    I would add volume and color with my Zala hair extensions by choosing a slight brighter color than my own hair. This way I would create an intricate side braid and that will even look more fancy with my new highlights. Then quickly curl the front pieces and I am ready to go:)


  15. missclairp

    I would do a sleek high ponytail, With the long hair extensions making the hair run down to the mid of back, it would look supper hot and would go with nearly any formal outfit / dress. Simple and Beautiful


  16. Aubrey

    Get a gorgeous gown that complements your hair color, clip in your Zala Hair Extensions and curl if desired, then grab a fair amount of hair on the left start a braid with your natural hair as well, repeat on right side. Then pull both braids to the back of your head and braid the two together so your two braids are now one combined in the back. Add clip in crystals or flowers along the braid and Vola. Zala gives you length and volume for perfect evening or everyday hair. Cant wait to try them myself!


  17. missallie05

    I borrowed my friends amazing Zala extensions the other week to wear to a formal event. People stopped me to compliment me on my hair all night! Wore it long and loose with a slight curl to it, was so sad to return them to her the next day. I’d love to win some of my own please.


  18. Karen Madrid

    My hair is silver and I change it quite often, therefore I would probably style my hair with long beautiful curls and pull it towards the back and clip it with a nice diamonlike clip. I would maybe adorn it with a hair chain. And definitely a black dress! Why? Because it makes my silver hair look amazing ! 😘



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  20. Ariana Lopez

    I would style these extensions with a dress whose color would make my extensions stand out. Possible a strapless or even backless dress one that would make everyone hate my hair for being too fabulous.


  21. Zoe

    If I were given the set of hair extensions I would where it to my formal. To style it I would deep part my hair on the left, having most hair on the right. Then taking the hair on the right shoulder I would wave it out be instead of separating the waves like you normally would, I would leave the hair intake making it one big curled side. This makes it quite a classy hair style perfect for formal. 🙂


  22. Marna Heymans

    As a swimmer my hair gets badly damaged by the constant exposure to chlorine and harsh sun, because of this I had to cut off my long locks to a much shorter length. If I won these extensions I will definitely be wearing them to my senior formal dance. I would curl them to match my own natural hair and then take it back with a Game of Thrones style braid.


  23. Megan

    If I got these hair extenchens I would where them to my homecoming. To style them I would straighten them with my own hair and then I would section my hair off and do big curels all through out my hair. After I have big loose curels I would waterfall braid a peice of hair from each side of my face and and tie them together in the back of my head with a small elastic. After that I would take the two pieces (wich are now one peice) and I would fish tail briad the bottom section then tie it off with another elastic. Then taking booth pieces together I would pull it through the back of my hair so it twists the two pieces completing an elegant half up half down look. Finally I would pull out a few peices infornt of my face and curl the to complete the look. Then I would hair spray the whole look to keep it in place. I would use the voucher to either buy the tabitha cream dress or the black night fever dress. And I would pair them with the let me go heels. Wining this give away would really mean a lot to me and would make my Homecomig very special. Hope you consider me. Xoxo


  24. Ashley

    I like to style my hair down for formal events. I would use my larger sized curler to make some loose curls and then brush them out to make the perfect waves :).


  25. Lauren mann

    If i win these i would be wearing them in my wedding in december i would style them long and curly. I cant afford alot so this would be a miracle to win. I recently had my hair stripped of color and it damaged my hair so bad my ends fell off and now its thin on the bottom and shirt and thick on top which is disasterous at the moment because my wedding is coming. My hair was long and pretty before and its ruined now. Really hope i win!


  26. Sasha

    If I had the chance to style some fabulous ZALA hair extensions I would definitely go for a long sleek high pony tail with a few messy boho style curls! I think it would look super classy and elegant for a formal occasion and it’s something a little different. I am also a huge fan of braids and I believe that a thick, messy fishtail braid on one side would look really fun and unique! Having shorter hair it’s always been hard for me to achieve the crown braid look as well; Zala hair extensions would enable me to get the right thickness and length required for this hairstyle. Zala extensions would be the perfect way to achieve any of these amazing looks and stand out at any formal event 🙂 xxxx


  27. sophie

    in a sleek high pony tail with part of it wrapped around the hair tie to give a more chic look, i have been planning a look like this for my 18th but my hair is too short so having extensions would really help this look


  28. Chelsea

    I have my school ball comming up in January and i’v always had thin hair that takes forever to grow, and when it does grow i have to cut it because of dead ends and my hair thinning out even more a the ends. If had the ZALA hair extentions i would wear my hair half up and half down. The up do would be something a little differnt maybe a few braids and then the down do would be softly curled and maybe swept to the side to show off the exposed back or just let free to dangle down the back. I have looked at the ZALA hair exewntions and they are so beuatiful I would really get so much out of them.


  29. Brianna

    I’ve always wanted long gorgeous thick hair to where to a formal or to where out any where special, however I’ve always had short uneven hair where all I can do is straighten it. My dream hair do would be to have amazing zala extensions which I would curl and and braid from the side going around my head finishing it off with a bridal clip, something sparking Like a pretty flower, I then would end the braid with my curls all sitting to the side, this way I can show off my long extensions in the best way possible. 🙂


  30. Sara Rahmani

    For a formal event, you can’t go wrong with curls! I would put the ZALA extensions in for volume and thickness then i would tease the front for volume and pull it back, then curl the hair which is flowing down and finish off with silver jewelled accessories!


  31. raejae15

    I know I love ALL these looks! But if I were going to a formal event I would pull my hair back. I love the look of big full voluptuous hair, with your hair pulled back you still see all of the volume of your gorgeous locks, without taking away for formal look! I would take hair from both sides and pull it back and up giving the famous “bump”. I’m all for big hair, the bigger the better!


  32. Ellamajenka Peckham

    So I have been looking at Zala hair extensions for so long, and just saved up the money until last week $200 was stolen from my car but don’t you worry I’m still dreaming about what hair style I would do for my year 12 grad coming up. I would curl my hair before braiding to add the thickness and volume I desire then I would pull my hair back into a suffiscated messy fish tale, as I absolutely love them. Best of wishes to everyone xoxo


  33. Georgia

    I have very short hair now that’s dark brown (a short bob) due to splits ends and damaged hair, so with hair extensions I would first straighten my hair and the extensions while straightening them I would use iron in gold diamante stars (only a few) in my hair, then i would put it back in a off center fishtail braid pulling a few short pieces from the top out of the braid to have nicely curled bangs, i would then place a silver painted flower in my hair. during the night if it starts to get hot and sweaty I would then twirl my braid into a bun (like Elsa from Frozen) making sure not to squish the flower so that it sticks out nicely of the bun. Would look really nice at prom.


  34. nlyear9far

    Because my hair is fairly short, a nice thick set of extensions is essential for me when attending any events. For a formal even, i love the look of a high bun with loose curls hanging from the bottom of the bun, a split fringe which is also loosely curled and pinned towards the sides. It looks very elegant and zala extensions give a full, thick effect which completes the look.


  35. Jenny McGrow

    I had to get my long hair cut off to a shirt bob as it became very weak and very thin. I would love some extensions as I am really missing my long hair It used to be so thick once


  36. Mariah Gaston

    I feel that long hair always makes me feel more elegant! For formal events, I like to do a style that has volume at the top, and a braid going across the front for a more put-together look. Of course this style would be topped off with gorgeous loose curls on both my natural shoulder-length hair as well as on the incredibly thick Zala Hair Extensions, and a flowing gown with nude heels to match! Zala makes it easy for anyone to feel glamorous!


  37. Hayley neale

    I would have my hair prepared into a low bun with it looking very fancy and modern intwined with a fancy hair clip attached to the side of my head for a backyard wedding and wearing a halter neck maxi dress and wearing a bolero jacket amd wedged heels…


  38. Cerys Edwards

    For a formal event I always go for the curled high ponytail with my zala extensions as it looks high fashion and helps show off your amazing outfit without it being hidden by your long thick hair! I firstly curl my extensions and hairspray them, then curl my shorter hair. I then place the extensions in backwards in a circular shape around my head, making sure all are covered by my top layer of hair. All hair is then pulled into a high pony and my hair seamlessly blends with the extensions due to the curls, add some big earrings and your done!


  39. Katie Nestoriwskyj

    I would straighten my extremely curly short hair (that’s why I need extensions).and put in the extensions for long glamorous hair.
    I would then curl the hair with a curling wand 😊and put in a nice glitter hair piece


  40. taylor newcomer

    I have seen so many beautiful pictures of long gorgeous hair from Zala and I would love to experience them for myself! I would definitely do long loose curls, but having naturally curly hair I would also love to pull off the middle part with pin straight hair. They will give me great length, style, and volume!


  41. Tatiana wojtko

    I would curl the hair, and and the zala extensions, then hold half on back leave only one curl loose in front, explore all the beautiful volume and balance that extentions will provide, matching with an perfect flawless makeup to combine with the dress style, then makes me feel an Diva! 😀


  42. Bec

    I have a long bob at the moment and a wedding coming up and would just love to be able to pull off an up-do that has volume by adding the Zala extensions. I’ve been contemplating ordering them for a long time and would be beyond happy winning this prize. A beautiful new dress to wear wouldn’t go astray either! Xx


  43. Leigh F

    Because Zala’s extensions are made of beautiful Remy human hair I will first be able to dye them to match my pastel purple hair before clipping them in and adding loose waves and fresh flowers as I channel my inner unicorn.


  44. Martinez

    I will straighten my hair and the zala extensions together so they blend in. Then curl my hair and pin pieces up to create a half up and half down look and also add a hair jewel to add that extra bit of glam!


  45. Kiara

    I would go for the Hollywood curl look, by curling both the extentions and my hair and brushing them out for a more formal do. I would then part on the side and pin back with head jewels or a loose braid💁


  46. Madison Champion

    I would blow out and straighten my extensions in with my natural hair, for a seamless transition. I then would add a classic Hollywood wave to my extensions and hair. This look is perfect with extensions because you have crazy length and volume!


  47. Maikhou Xiong

    I will first curl my hair and Zala hair extensions to add dimension. Then I will braid my hair loosely to the back of my head with my Zala hair extensions to add volume. Then I will add head piece jewelry to make it fancy and elegant.


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